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Using North Star Metrics to display your key information on a large screen

From this article,you may be able to understand “north star metrics selection” idea. The core is to determine the main map – select the north star metrics – according to the association, causal relationship dismantling metrics, similar to the “Pyramid principle.” In this way, the train of thought is very clear and even large screen projects can see clearly such a way of thinking.

Announcing the new cluster—the most stable way to improve your reporting system

With the improvement of the status of the reporting system in the enterprise information system,the pressure of which has also increased. For enterprises with large data volume, high user volume and high concurrency, how to make the reporting system stable under high-pressure environment and ensure the security and availability of the system has become a problem that enterprises have to consider. However,clusters are a good way to solve these problems.

Data Visualization Using FineReport

In the second half of last year, FanRuan held a four-month plug-in development contest with a total prize pool of 300,000. It attracted more than 2,000 participants from all over the country to sign up, and a large number of very beautiful plug-ins emerged.After testing, it will also be launched on the FanRuan market (application center), which can be widely used in the report product FineReport!Today I will show you some beautiful plugins.

Excel vs FineReport:Which Do You Need?

Doing a report to make a form, many people think of Excel in the first place. Excel as a personal office software is unique, but for commercial use, in fact, there is a slight lack of efficiency in office collaboration, however,FineReport can directly interact with the database (data export + data filling), can connect the data of each system, can be high Efficient batch report, display, interactive analysis, visualize large screens, and achieve office collaboration.

“Today I feel obliged to clarify the difference between Tableau and FineReport!”

Tableau is suitable for professional analysts who are familiar with analytical techniques and business executives who have the need for pivot analysis. FineReport is the IT staff leading design, business executives involved and used. Because of this difference in targeting for people, there are differences in the handling of many functions.

The Setting Method of Your Chart Background

As shown below, one chart can be divided into four areas for better data analysis: overall chart area (indicated by black box), drawing area (indicated by green background), title area (indicated by blue background) and legend area (indicated by yellow background), and all these are important parts of reporting tool and business intelligence tool.

The Classification of Coordinate Axis

Charts include two kinds of coordinate axis, both important reporting tool and business intelligence tool: Category Axis and Value Axis as shown below: Category Axis: a nonnumeric axis indicates category basis for displayed data. Value Axis: a numeric axis indicates numerical magnitude of series values. A non-combination chart only has one main value axis; and a combination…

How to Set Coordinate Axis Range for Each Category of Radar Chart?

1. Problem description As known from the Radar Chart Example, a radar chart is often used to analyze and calculate values of each index so as to prepare for data analysis and data visualization. As the statistic unit of each index is different, the value difference may be large. By default, the coordinate axis units…

The Methods of Making Multiple Series (Category) Chart Sorting Are Available Now!

1. Problem description The figure below shows a table from database in which series under each category are specifically sorted (series summary, i.e. total flow of each series in descending order) for better data analysis and data under some categories are default. Create a dataset data source column chart with the data in the above…

Attention! Problem Description in Using New Chart with IE8!

1. Description With IE8, the new chart has unsatisfied display effect, which may affect data analysis and data visualization.  And some functions are not supported. 2. Cause Due to performance problem, IE8 and below browsers prohibit animation, gradient effects and chart zoom. Shadow effect is also changed accordingly; Due to implementation problem, svg export via…

The Introduction of Making a Funnel Chart

1. Overview A funnel chart, as an important reporting tool and business intelligence tool, displays the proportion of a stage and provides analysis of conversion rate. This chart represents a single-sequence chart with a part of 100% without using any axes for clear data analysis and data visualization. 2. Example 2.1 Prepare data Create a new…

How to Make a Functional Dynamic Chart Data?

1. Function description Sometimes, the user wants to display different charts based on different conditions, as shown below. Select Year and Month condition, and the chart, as a great reporting tool, will display data meeting certain conditions so as to realize dynamic chart: 2. Realization ideasEdit Dynamically change chart data source based on parameter conditions….

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