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Building low-cost small apps that integrate with existing systems to help

streamline business processes

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FineReport Aims to Build More Complete Digital Centers

Problems with Conventional Digital Tools

  • Costly to learn, prolonged development cycle
  • The rapidly changing demand can hardly be met by legacy systems

FineReport Data Collection Solution

  • Supports "low-code" drag-and-drop operations for easy development of small apps
  • Highly scalable to quickly fit with new processes

A single entry for data collection

Ensures data quality from the source

  • Provides dozens of widgets to handle temporary data collection needs and allow fast production of forms via drag-and-drop.
  • The widgets come with validation rules, which can be set to prevent users from entering any data that does not meet entry requirements.

Ready for mobile working scenarios

Improve efficiency in data entry

  • Photo taking, scanning, and location functions are supported to free the hands of front-line personnel and enable more efficient data entry.
  • Leave, and reimbursement requests can be submitted on any mobile device, eliminating the tedious steps on the PC.

Support import from Excel and file upload

Centralized online management of data files

  • Forms can be entered manually or by directly importing data from Excel.
  • Images and files can be uploaded to build a small file management system.

Deep integration of various functions

Expand to unlimited applications

  • Date updating: Query the existing data first, enter new values, and finally store the new values in the database.
  • Approval notifications: Upon submission of any request form, an email/SMS/app message will be triggered to prompt the approver for approval.

Customer Testimony

A water heater company

With the combination of FineReport and FineMobile, we have built a manufacturing data platform of our own: A.O. Smart (Ai Zhi Zao in Chinese pinyin).
A.O. Smart has allowed us to streamline and optimize our production chain from order to manufacturing and delivery. We have lightened the burden of our staff and reduced or avoided unproductive work, such as data collection, manual reporting, and identification of functional abnormalities. Now, we can leverage the system to monitor, diagnose, and locate functional abnormalities, and use big data analytics to proactively visualize adequate information for managers. We have therefore managed to increase our productivity and cut our costs.

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