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FineReport is to solve digitalization pain points

Conventional Report Development

  • Data resides in different systems, with no uniform definitions for metrics, making it challenging to integrate data assets.
  • Functions are limited by high development costs and slow demand response speed.
  • Reporting is done manually, and the data is not up to date, making it difficult to track business operations.

FineReport Smart Reporting Solution

  • Supports integration of nearly 40 data sources and specialized project implementation, breaking down data silos.
  • Offers diverse functions that are easy to learn and quick in responding to demand.
  • Provides direct access and real-time visibility into the data to help keep
    track of what is happening.

Gather multiple sources of data in one report

Revitalize idle data assets

  • Can be seamlessly integrated with mainstream relational/non-relational databases, big data platforms, local ERP/OA systems, and Excel data.
  • Data from different sources can be gathered in one report.

Drag and drop data and components with "low-code"

Produce complex reports efficiently

  • Provide an Excel-like canvas and extensive configuration options for efficiently developing complex effects such as irregular headers, crosstabs, and tree reports.
  • Introduces the concept of template, meaning that after the creation of a report, its logic can be reused in other data sources to produce new reports quickly.

Flexible query and multi-level drill-down

Help unlock the value of data

  • Supports data filtering and provides a dozen widgets to help quickly generate complex query interfaces.
  • Provides hyperlink function to allow drilling through tables and charts.

Compatible with native functions in Excel

Align with the operational experience of Excel report users

  • Allows importing and exporting Excel reports, capable of automatically recognizing formulas, data formats, and cell styles.
  • Provides header repeat and freeze functions to mimic the usages of Excel report users.

Numerous functions & in-house developed computational logic

Handle complex calculations and analysis

  • Builds in 100+ functions.
  • The in-house developed "cell-to-cell operation" rule can accomplish a variety of financial models.

More Features

Export in several formats

  • Reports can be exported in Excel for further analysis.
  • They can also be exported in PDF, Word, and PNG for use in meetings and briefings.

Custom watermark & cell-level access control

  • Security elements such as employee names can be added to the watermark to prevent data leakage from the source.
  • Access control can be applied to data and cells to display different results by role, helping enterprises minimize the authorization scope.

Customer Testimony

The computing center of a university

Developing student management systems is a niche branch in the digitalization industry, but it can be a very complex undertaking. The system is used to manage a vast amount of student information. The period from admission to graduation can be lengthy, and many responsible departments exist. With continued education reform, management through separate systems across departments had become outdated. In our digitalization journey, FineReport provides a fast and easy tool for statistical reporting. It enables a significantly shortened development cycle and is particularly helpful in the visualization of raw data and card-type data, batch certificate printing, and file format conversion.

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