FineReport Designer is easy to use for new users

  • Excel-like drag-and-drop mode, no coding needed
  • Switching multiple working directories freely
  • One-click upgrade to the latest version and automatic backup
  • Rich APIs for customization
  • Three original report design modes: General report, Aggregation report, and Dashboard


Efficiently collaborate with your team, timely share insights

  • Remote design function: build reports locally, and publish reports remotely
  • Template lockdown avoid editing conflicts, and data permission control ensure data safety when collaborating with team members
  • Effortless exporting reports in various formats, such as Excel, PDF and PNG, or schedule reports sending via email for automated reporting
                   Effiecient Reporting tool
                   Solve complex reports

General Report: a special design to create complex reports

  • Easily set pagination, grouping, column
  • Support the building of master/subreport, tree report and other customized reports
  • The dynamic calculations between cells can conveniently realize the ranking, YoY, MoM, the proportion, the cumulative, and other operation cross row and group



Aggregation Report: an innovative design to create irregular reports

Freely splice together aggregation blocks and eliminate the trouble of frequently merging and splitting cells in Excel. Each aggregation block is independent; users can drag and drop and put them together freely to create irregular reports.

Aggregation Report
FineReport Dashboard

Dashboard: a dedicated design to create dashboards for multi-dimensional data analysis

  • Support cloud share of dashboard templates and the reuse of on-premise components to improve efficiency
  • Once designed, users can adaptively display reports on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets and large screens
  • Show real-time data and refresh data automatically, support partial refresh and give timely prompt in case of any change in data


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