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Integrated with various CRM and ERP systems to build a more
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Reports Embedded into


Multiple SSO


On-premise and Cloud

A Java software for cross-platform application

Compatible with popular operating systems

  • Report designers can develop reports using Windows and macOS.
  • Report projects can be deployed to Windows/Linux/macOS.

Can be deployed to web containers

Provide online access to a centralized data platform

  • By deploying report projects to web containers such as Tomcat, you can use your browsers to access reports and the centralized decision-making platform.
  • It can be deployed locally or on the cloud.

Complete SSO methods Allow smooth access across multiple systems

  • It can seamlessly integrate existing account and permission systems to enable users to access all systems with just one sign-on.
  • Web-based SSO and CAS SSO can be used as needed for your applications.

Embed reports into webpages

Use front-end technology to open a world of possibilities

  • Iframe is supported to allow you to embed reports into existing platforms.
  • JavaScript is supported to customize tabs or toolbars or to integrate with third-party APIs to make the reporting platform more robust.

Customized clustering solution

Ensure high concurrency and availability via load balancing

  • For conglomerates with large data volumes, massive users, and high-frequency access, report projects can be deployed to the cluster to ensure the system runs smoothly.

Customer Testimony

A machinery company

Our partnership with FanRuan has transformed us from an equipment provider to a solution provider. We have built an industrial Internet platform for the welding industry to create value for our users. The problem of data silos has been solved. Modules such as equipment, production, and process management are now integrated and visualized in a central place. The data can be accessed from any PC or mobile device, improving our business personnel's productivity. An abnormal data push mechanism is available to ensure production efficiency and minimize any loss of production caused by abnormalities. This also provides data for the management's decisions on business operations.

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