Easy Deployment and Integration

Java Reporting Tool: Support deployment and integration with various projects

FineReport is a 100% JAVA software which can be seamlessly integrated with JAVA projects. It supports independent and embedded employment. With the support of an independent web server, non-JAVA projects can also be perfectly deployed and integrated. C/S system and page can be integrated through embedded browser controls and iframe.


Cluster: Improve system performance and reliability

  • High consistency: All configurations and files made with FineReport can be synchronized to each node of the cluster at any time.
  • High Availability:Support all stand-alone functions. When one node crashes, the system remains accessible.
  • Powerful functionality: As the number of nodes increases, the concurrency supported by the system grows almost linearly, and the load of each node is more balanced.
  • Simple to use: The cluster environment can be quickly configured through simple operations in the platform, where the addition and deletion of nodes supports hot deployment. In addition, users can monitor the operation and logs of each node in the platform.
Web Page Integration

Web Page Integration:Integrating reports into Web pages via the Frame framework

  • Support URL-based parameter transmission: When click user-defined report nodes, parameters such as time and user information can be transmitted to the report on the web page to filter dynamic data.
  • Support custom parameter query interface: Support custom parameter query interface: The user system may have been equipped with widgets in its own framework such as query and ext and has a specific style of conditional query interface, so that there is no need to use FineReport’s built-in parameter interface.
  • Support custom toolbars: The user system has customized a set of toolbar buttons and users only need to embed report content on the page without the need to use FineReport’s toolbar.


Single sign-on (SSO): Multiple SSO ways

  • AJAX: Support cross-domain, asynchronous authentication and verification timeout process.
  • Action submission: When the report permission is verified, the action in the form can be used to trigger URL verification, which is convenient and quick.
  • Iframe: Support cross-domain authentication, but does not support asynchronous authentication and verification timeout process
  • CAS SSO: Support central authentication services (CAS)
Single Sign-on
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