With the continuous development of the company’s business, there are more and more data in various departments, and the division of dimensions is also different. It has caused many problems for business personnel to view the data, which often takes a lot of time but still feels confused.

Are You Still Using the Pivot Table of Excel?

People often think of the pivot table function of Excel, but with such a dense digital table, are you sure your boss can read it? And Excel’s filtering function is not efficient when faced with multi-category data, which is very boring and rigid.

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The boss actually wants to see the following visual analysis report that summarizes all the data, can realize dynamic association and filter queries. Give your boss a bunch of data and want to raise your salary? That’s almost impossible.

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Replace Pivot Table with Dynamic Report

For example, from the above dynamic report, we can clearly see the four key indicators that we are most concerned about: total sales, total actual outgoing, total actual profit, and total profit margin, these data can be updated in real-time. At any time, anyone who wants to view the data can see the information just by looking at this report, which greatly improves the efficiency of checking data.

So how do you make such a report? Generally, it is done with the advanced dynamic chart function of Excel, and it can barely make the same effect. However, it is very troublesome to use excel to do this kind of filtering and visualizing, often it takes a lot of time and the visual effect is not so good.

Here I use FineReport as an example, kindly noted that during COVID-19 it’s totally free and provides many related templates to use. Also if you have PowerBI or other reporting tools, It’s decided by you.

Parameter Query Makes Data Query No Longer Time-consuming

Because data between different departments tend to focus on different dimensions, using Excel records will produce a large number of reports, and it is very difficult for business personnel to find data. FineReport can connect complex Excel reports through the function of parameter query and drilling down.

Select the order of the specified customer through parameter query

Obtain the logistics information of the specified order through the drill-down

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In this way, we no longer need to filter in dozens of reports and use a complex pivot table to filter the data. You can use FineReport to build a reporting system, dozens of reports can be displayed with a few reports, which saves both manpower and material resources.

Data Entry to Automate Time and Attendance

Do you believe that it is possible to build a fully automated system from attendance to salary calculation through FineReport? Through several reports, you can completely abandon the attendance punch card machine, and the financial staff does not need to spend a lot of time at the end of the month to calculate the monthly salary of each staff member.

So how does this work? First of all, we need managers to formulate standard time and attendance time for different departments, and set up punishment for late and early leave.

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Through the working_schedule table, we can set the prescribed working time for one-day attendance, and set the penalty calculated in minutes. Of course, we can also set more complicated rules, such as not being punished within half an hour of being late and leaving early, and how much will be punished after half an hour.

Then each employee only needs to download FineMobile in their mobile phone to check-in through the mobile phone, and can also determine whether it is within the punching range by positioning, and the punching time automatically obtains the current time. The attendance system built by FineReport can connect the attendance time and the salary system, and automatically calculate the monthly salary with the same set of data.

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Finance staff no longer need to spend a lot of time through the pivot table to retrieve data and then calculate, everything can be automatically generated.

And by using the parameter query, you can choose by month to see different employee’s salary sheets. And the specific working hours of each month are clear at a glance.

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If you are still repeating the work again and again in order to make the report, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive but it has not been improved a bit. Maybe you can try to use a reporting tool like FineReport to build an automated, process-based reporting system, abandon the pivot table, and greatly improve the efficiency of office and management!

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