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                       Data Visualization chart

Impressive self-developed HTML5 charts: 19 categories, 50+ styles

  • HTML5 charts: can be used cross-platform, adaptive to web design, and support instant update
  • Self-developed: avoid the inconvenience of using intellectual property, services, documents, etc. brought by third-party plug-ins.
  • Support column chart, line chart, pie chart, radar chart, scatter plot, ring chart, bar chart, map, stacked chart, area chart, combination chart, bubble chart, GIS map, dashboard, full distance chart, Gantt charts, tree chart, etc.

    Interactive data visualization: dynamic interactive effects, powerful visual experiencee

    Based on passing parameters or data filtering, using data tips, interactive highlighting, series interaction, online switch, coordinate scaling,automatic refresh to realize interactive analysis. You can also custom configuration, adding trendlines, warning lines, backgrounds, etc.

    Interactive data visualization
    3D Maps

    Stunning 3D map and other 3D visualization effects

    Based on WebGL and other platforms, as a supplement to the basic charts, to provide more dazzling graphics effect for dashboard users,we support 3D cylindrical earth, 3D point earth, 3D flow on earth, KPI card, particle flip counter, time gear, catalog gear, carousel gis point map, etc.; to make your dashboard more cool and technological


    Data map: rich data geographic information display

    Provide multiple data map types such as symbol map, regional map, heat map, flow map, custom map, etc. Support integrating with GIS maps such as Google, realizing map zooming, locating, drilling, etc.

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