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High Level of

How Enterprises Transform Data into Value

Integrate multi-source data on a single dashboard

Offer a clear, holistic view of operational status

  • Visualizes KPIs to demonstrate business performance intuitively.
  • Integrates multi-source data and provides a central place to present scattered metrics from various business departments, allowing transparency on business data and easy tracking of business processes.

Drill down to KPI details

Locate problems accurately

  • Click on a KPI component to drill down level by level to detailed data, to identify the causes of the problem and devise a solution accordingly.
  • Allows drill-down to tables and charts and unlimited drill-down to multiple levels.

Multi-dimensional query and linkage

Drive new directions for growth

  • The data filtering function provides multi-dimensional insights into data features.
  • Click on a partition of a chart, and other charts will change in sync, giving a clear picture of the underlying patterns of data.

Refresh data automatically

Abnormalities are alerted and tracked promptly

  • Managers need real-time data to identify potential problems and monitor ongoing operations.
  • Make simple settings to trigger scheduled refreshes or to monitor back-end data, and then trigger front-end refreshes upon changes in the back end.

Flexible drag-and-drop with "low-code"

Produce cool dynamic effects in easy steps

  • Builds in 70+ charts and controls and provides diverse configuration options to help reproduce desired effects.
  • With 20 in-house developed dynamic charts and encapsulated easy-to-use JavaScript APIs, only need several lines of code to realize effects such as carousel and scrolling.

More Features

Allow viewing metrics anytime, anywhere

  • The dashboard can be quickly migrated from the PC to a mobile device by fine-tuning the layout and component size.

Flexibly meet different application scenarios

  • The dashboard can be embedded in iFrame for visualization and interaction in existing business systems and networks.

Customer Testimony

A hospital in Foshan city

Since the introduction of FineReport, we have embarked on a new journey for data application: It visualizes hospitalization logs on the dashboard and helps to optimize the entire workflow for medical examination, bringing us significant improvements in safety management, cost efficiency, and productivity.

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