Sales Dashboards

A sales dashboard is an instant visual representation of your key performance indicators (KPIs). It can help your sales team to track progress toward goals, make decisions and plans, adjust compensation, and identify issues before they become large problems.。

1. Sales Management

As a sales manager, you never want to miss any progress and activity of your sales team. Now you can easily monitor the real-time sales information by product, region, customer and more with this dashboard. You will have at-a-glance information that show the sales progress, and gain an insight into how this sort of real-time sales monitoring can augment your operational management.

Sales Management
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2. Overall Sales Performance

You will know the company's sales performance and target achievement progress through the overall sales perfomance dashboard. It shows each sales rep’s performance and their progress over the same period last year. You can also drill down to the provinces and cities to understand the detailed product and customer situation in each region.

            Overall Sales Performance
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3. Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis

A sales analysis dashboard makes you have a better understanding of the sales performance by product, region or branch. You can view revenue and profit from multiple dimensions, which is convenient for in-depth research on specific regions and products, ultimately improving the corresponding sales strategy.

Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis
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4. Sales Leaderboard

Sales leaderboards are a great way to track individual sales performance and motivate the team to hit targets. You can see who’s performing best on your team across multiple sales metrics and KPIs. And making the data available to the entire business can develop friendly competition within your sales team.

Sales Leaderboard
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