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Integrate data from various sources into meaningful information

FineReport Product flow Data

FineReport Application Architecture

FineReport Structure

Product Introduction

FineReport Function Mode

Three original report design modes meets the needs of various data analysis scenarios

  • General Report: a special design to create complex reports
  • Aggregation Report: an innovative design to create irregular reports
  • Dashboard: a dedicated design to create a dashboard for multi-dimensional data analysis

Fast data integration helps comprehensive data analysis

  • Support broad data sources from almost all databases
  • Convenient database connection by a single click, without the need of coding
  • Easy to combine data from ERP/OA/MES and other enterprise systems in a single platform
FineReport Function

Rich chart types present cool visualization effects

  • Self-developed HTML5 charts: 19 categories, 50+ styles
  • Various data maps display data geographic information vividly
  • Rich interactive effects bring stunning visualization experience

Powerful data entry function enables data updating in real time

  • Abundant types of widgets support massive data entry
  • All-around data validation ensures data compliance
  • Offline data entry enables data updating at any time and any place without the need of Internet connection
  • Multi-level reporting helps quickly go through the process of data reporting, approval and return
FineReport Fill Function
FineReport Management

Enterprise-level decision-making platform

  • Directory management: uniform maintenance of report directory and cover
  • Authority management: visual configuration process, fine permission granularity
  • Security management: 4 levels of security guarantee ensure data security level as high as aviation security level.
  • Deployment and integration: support integration with various ERP and OA software

Mobile Application: put analysis in your pocket


Mobile BI Analytics, Perfect Product Experience as PC

Annotation Sharing

Push Notification

Mobile Data Entry

Barcode Scanning



Drill-Down and Linkage

Large Screen& TV Dashboard:
provides cool solutions to data visualization management

Easy to make cool dashboards and adaptively display it on the large screens or TV dashboards in various scenarios.

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