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How Enterprises Transform Data into Value

Integrate multiple data sources into a single dashboard

  • Support the integration of multiple data sources and present scattered indicators from various business departments in a unified manner.
  • Integrate ERP, OA, MES, and other business systems to break down data silos.
  • Empower unlimited drill-down, multi-dimensional queries and linkage.

Drag and drop to quickly customize the dashboard

  • Low-code canvas-based development with drag-and-drop operations enables users to quickly get started.
  • With a "what you see is what you get" editing process, users can quickly create dashboard blueprints within minutes.
  • Easily incorporate dynamic effects like carousel and scrolling using over 70 built-in chart types and user-friendly JavaScript APIs.

Achieve stunning 3D visualizations without coding

  • Support importing GeoJSON files to generate three-dimensional city components, importing GLB files for customizing 3D model effects, or importing resources from the Unity platform.
  • Provide a range of commonly used GLB model files to eliminate the need for extensive modeling work, enabling rapid development of dashboard blueprints.
  • Include various 3D charts such as 3D maps, 3D globes, and 3D bar charts to display multidimensional data.

Create lively and engaging presentations through data storytelling

  • A multi-page design pattern, similar to PowerPoint, can be implemented in a dashboard, featuring page flipping and carousel effects.
  • Flexible component animations allow for page transitions with animated effects, making presentations and reports more engaging and lively.

Automatically refresh data and promptly alert for abnormal situations

  • Make simple settings to trigger scheduled refreshes or to monitor back-end data, and then trigger front-end refreshes upon changes in the back end.
  • Enable managers to monitor business situations in real-time, identify anomalies, and gain actionable insights.

Easily access metrics across various devices while on the go

  • A FineReport dashboard automatically adapts to various devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and large screens.
  • Through native apps and HTML5, reports can be flexibly operated and viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, enabling real-time access to business data.
  • The unique off-screen control feature allows handheld mobile devices to remotely control large screens.

Smart visualization solutions for various industries

Smart Factory
Smart Hospital
Smart Logistics
Smart Campus
Smart City

Customer Testimony

A hospital in Foshan city

Since the introduction of FineReport, we have embarked on a new journey for data application: It visualizes hospitalization logs on the dashboard and helps to optimize the entire workflow for medical examination, bringing us significant improvements in safety management, cost efficiency, and productivity.

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