Unlike state-run health care systems in countries like South Korea and China, in most countries, each state or area manages that health data differently, creating disparate data sets, which increases the difficulty of statistics and allocate resources.

In the United States, White House has asked the nation’s nearly 4,700 hospitals to submit the daily patients’ data via email, including how many patients have been tested for coronavirus, 

information on bed capacity, and requirements for other supplies.

However, in this way, the data gathering is time-consuming, and it is hard to do statistics because of the ununified data formats. 

Therefore, for the management of the three most essential data in the outbreak: medical supplies, hospital patients, and regional epidemic situations, we developed five information collection forms and four hospital information dashboards for the hospital. 

1.Medical Supplies Monitoring Dashboard 

Due to the virus, medical supplies such as masks and alcohol have become ‘hard currency’ for a while. For hospitals and some other enterprises, the opaque information of material sources and receipts will also cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Therefore, a medical supplies monitoring dashboard will be beneficial for real-time monitoring of the current material inventory and receiving details.

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2.Hospital Outbreak Monitoring Dashboard

The hospital needs more detailed epidemic monitoring than the country or cities. So we designed the hospital outbreak monitoring dashboard, based on the real-time data reported in the hospital to show the situation of the hospital. It comprehensively analyzes the distribution of each department, each symptom, and trends in the number of patients at different levels.

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3.Regional Outbreak Monitoring Dashboard

Comprehensively analyze the prevention and control work of the hospital on the coronavirus outbreak from the dimensions of confirmed cases distribution, epidemic trends, and risk monitoring.

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4.Pre-patient Information Analysis Dashboard

Pre-patient Information Analysis Dashboard shows the collected information before seeing a doctor. The dashboard shows whether the patient is from the worst-affected area or has had close contact with the infected people. 

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5.Five Data Collection Forms

Now, world leaders are moving to get supplies such as masks, protection suits, temperature guns, the same as clinics, hospitals, and governments.

How to efficiently manage the delivery, storage, and to timely distribute medical supplies has become a highly concerning issue for many governments and organizations.

Therefore, we have made a series of templates for the process management of the warehouse. You can use mobile data collection to simplify material warehouse process management. Everyone can fill in the report at any time on their mobile phones. 

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During the outbreak, in addition to the need for data collection of material supplies, hospitals also need to efficiently perform epidemic prevention statistics, such as patient information collection, daily increase of patients, medical records and reports, material applications, and so on. This form of non-face-to-face information collection greatly improves the safety of hospitals with dangerous environments.

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Time are tough, and we want to do our part to stand by you. The templates mentioned above are free to use during the coronavirus. The templates are built in the FineReport Designer. And FineReport is free for personal use.

We believe we can work together to get through it.

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