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FineReport Helps to Boost Efficiency for Digitalization

Conventional IT Center

  • Multiple platforms, making it inefficient to find data and view reports.
  • Complex business architecture, making it challenging to set access control.
  • Highly heterogeneous systems, making them difficult to maintain.

A Centralized Platform

  • A unified entrance, making it time- and effort-saving for management and viewing.
  • Flexible access management functions, well-suited for complex organizational structures.
  • Built-in maintenance module, offering an intelligent maintenance solution.

Find reports and view metrics from a single entrance

Decision-making is more efficient

  • You can use drag-and-drop operations to manage report directories, just as how you manage folders.
  • The reports are classified, andthe personnel is assigned permissions based on the organizational architecture of the enterprise. This ensures that decision-makers and business personnel can find the desired reports quickly.

Flexible access management

Well-suited for different organizational architectures

  • Permissions can be assigned by department, role, and individual.It is allowed to import existing access management systems.
  • Multiple administrators can be set up for conglomerates, allowing each subsidiary and division to control access based on their own needs.

Auto-push of reports and custom warning messages

Help locate problems more quickly and efficiently

  • You can push daily, weekly, or monthly reports at fixed times. You can also set warning baselines to trigger warning messages based on report content.
  • Pushes can be done via email, SMS, and App to inform the individual in charge for immediate action.

Intelligent maintenance solution

Deliver an exciting system management experience

  • Allows visually monitoring data such as server load and visit statistics and exporting logs for further analysis.
  • Supports detecting environment configurations of server memory at fixed times and provides targeted solutions.

More Features

Custom UI

  • Allows applying the enterprise's theme color and logo to the platform.
  • Supportscustomizing the sign-on interface and embedding authentication algorithms.

Various security configurations

  • Provides multi-layered security for accounts by controlling failed sign-on attempts, remote sign-on, and automatic sign-on.
  • Supporting verification by a slider, SMS,and email.

Customer Testimony

A fund management company

We are a new customer; however, we are deeply impressed by the robust visualization and processing capabilities of FineReport tools. We've benefited greatly from FineReport's decision-making system, multi-device output, and custom development capabilities. Besides the robust functionality, FineReport is also easy to get started. A project that took months can now be completed in a mere two weeks, enabling much-reduced project cycles and significant time and cost savings.

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