FanRuan Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FanRuan), founded in 2006, is a professional big data BI and analytics platform vendor in China. Specializing in BI and data analysis, we are committed to providing one-stop BI solutions to businesses around the globe.
We are the front runner in terms of professional standards, organizational size, service scope and clients, and have been highly recognized by many professional consulting organizations including Gartner, IDC and CCID. We were selected as one of “Forbes Top 50 Potential Chinese Unlisted Companies” in 2018 and one of “Top 50 Chinese Big Data Enterprises" for 4 consecutive years in 2018, 2019,2020 and 2021.

Organizational Size

By the end of 2022, we have more than 1,900 employees, most of whom are well mannered, highly educated and highly skilled.

Sales Performance

Our sales in 2022 totaled $202 million, which was maintained at a steady growth rate.

Service Scope

Headquartered in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, we have set up 14 branch offices in Mainland China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, and America to deliver efficient services to all regions.

Industry Coverage

Our business covers almost all market segments referred in National Statistical Standard (GB/T4754-2011), 233 sectors in total.


We have established partnership with 26,000 clients, and our products and services are well received and trusted by both Global Top 500 enterprises and China Top 500 enterprises.


Our products have been successfully implemented and utilized by over 89,000 enterprises or institutions in IT application projects.

Professional, effective and comprehensive product portfolio

FanRuan BI portfolio

FanRuan LCAP Solution

Pre-defined Data Display


  • Positioning

    IT-centric pre-defined reporting platform;

    Mainly for IT departments,

    Providing pre-defined reporting display for daily management of enterprises.

  • Typical users

    IT professionals with basic SQL knowledge.

  • Product features

    Complicated Reports

    Parameter Query

    Data Filling

    Timed Scheduling


    Management Cockpit

Self-service Exploratory Data Analysis


  • Positioning

    Business-centric self-service big data analysis platform;

    Mainly for business professionals and data analysts,

    Problem-oriented exploration and analysis;

    Support simple report.

  • Typical users

    Business professionals or data analysts.

  • Product features

    Business Data Package

    Self-service Datasets

    Spider(Big Data Engine)


    Story Dashboard

    Embedding Analysis

No-Code aPaaS Solution


  • Positioning

    No-Code aPaaS solution for business,

    Mainly for business professionals and IT professionals to enhance productivity;

    Visual development with a low threshold

  • Typical users

    All staff in the enterprise.

  • Product features




    Knowledge Base



"China BI Software Tracker,2018-2021"
No. 1 in China's BI market share


"2021 Magic Quadrant for ABI Platforms"
Honorable Mention


Forbes Top 50 Potential Chinese Unlisted Companies 2018
The only BI vendor


Capability Maturity Model
Level 5, 2020


CCID Consulting 2018-2021
Top 1 in China's BI market share


2021, FanRuan,CCID
CCID Consulting 2021,Top 1 in China's BI market share

2021, FanRuan, Forbes
Forbes 2021 Cloud 100 Honoree

2021, FanRuan, IDC
No. 1 in China's BI market share

2021, FanRuan, Forbes
Magic Quadrant for ABI Platforms Honorable Mention

2021, FanRuan, BDIEAC
Top 50 Chinese Big Data Enterprises

2020, FanRuan, BDIEAC
Top 50 Chinese Big Data Enterprises

2020, FanRuan, KPMG
Top 50 Chinese Leading Retailtech Enterprises

2020, FanRuan, China Internet Weekly
Top 200 Best Employers

2020, FanRuan, CEIA
Best BI Solution Vender

2019, FanRuan, BDIEAC
Top 50 Chinese Big Data Enterprises

2019, Ameba Solutions, China Internet Weekly
Gold i Award: Best Amoeba Management Solution

2019, FanRuan
Huawei Cloud’s First Batch of Strategic Partners

2018, FanRuan, BDIEAC
Top 50 Chinese Big Data Enterprises

2017, FanRuan, CEIA China Enterprise IT Awards
Best BI Solution Vendor

2017, FanRuan, Business Partner Consulting
China's Top 10 of BI Solutions Vendor

2017, FineBI, China Internet Weekly
Best Big Data BI Product Innovation Award

2017, FanRuan, The Sixth Financial Summit
Most Growth Value Award

2017, FineBI,
Gold E Award: Best Big Data BI Innovative

2017, FanRuan
Standing Member, China Cloud Service Alliance

2017, FineBI, Shanghai CIO Alliance
Innovation Award for Data Visualization Product

2017, FanRuan, ChinaByte
China's Leading Enterprise Award for IT Innovation

2017, FineBI, ChinaByte
Most Influential Product Award for IT Innovation

2017, CEO Marks
Chinese IT Business Partner Elite Award

2016, FineBI, China Internet Weekly
BI Solutions of the Year

2016, CEO Marks
The Most Influential People in Industry 2016

2016, Products of FanRuan, 51CTO
The Most Influential BI Brand

2016, FanRuan, CEIA
Best BI Solution Vendors

2015, FanRuan
China’s Leading Enterprise Award for BI Solution

2014, Products of FanRuan
ISO 9000 QMS Certification

2014, FanRuan
National High-Tech Enterprise



Sales hit $180 million, maintaing a high growth rate;


The 4th Smart Data Conference was held successfully. And the White Paper on Business Intelligence V3.0 was officially released;


FanRuan was named to the Forbes 2021 Cloud 100;


IDC published "China BI Software Tracker, 2021” and FanRuan ranks No. 1 in China’s BI market share;


FanRuan participated in the 4th Digital China Summit;


FanRuan was recognized with Honorable Mention in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ABI;

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