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FanRuan and 360 Enterprise Security Release the First White Book in BI Field

Recently, the first commercial software vendor in the domestic market, FanRuan Software and 360 Enterprise Security jointly released the “Business Intelligence Security White Paper 2018” (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper), which is the first security white paper in the field of business intelligence.

Fanruan and Huawei provide more comprehensive big data services, achieving mutual product certification

Recently, Fanruan and Huawei announced that they have completed the mutual authentication of the Fanruan data visualization software and the Huawei EI solution.It will help users to achieve rapid implementation ,visualize the results of data processing and build a powerful, comprehensive “management dashboard” .

Fanruan held a new product release conference, FineReport 10.0+FineBI5.0 released

On October 12, 2018, the “2018 Fanruan New Product Launch Conference and User Experience Day” kicked off in Shanghai. This event brought together nearly 800 enterprise IT technicians and data peers from all walks of life to gather together. With the theme of “FINE DAY”, the conference focused on the development direction of current big data. The main agenda of this conference is divided into three parts: first, the new product launch conference of FineReport 10.0 and FineBI 5.0, followed by the user’s benchmark speech and exhibition area exchange. Experience and so on.

MTC to Partner with FineReport to Deliver Flexible BI Tools to U.S. Customers

MTC will collaborate closely with FineReport to address customers’ demands and serve U.S. customers better across industries.The agreement enables small and midsize manufacturing and distribution companies in the United States to gain a BI footprint that unifies data across their enterprise systems, rapidly aggregates and analyzes the data, and reports on it in a simple, intuitive manner.

Case of Data Analysis Platform of Huzhou Municipal Office, SAT

Tax is the major source of state revenue, and plays an important role in state building and people’s living. How does Huzhou Municipal Office, SAT improve its tax service in an effective way to benefit the state and the people as a tax authority? This paper will show you Huzhou Municipal Office, SAT and the way of tax data mining and application in this new stage during this new period of time.

Grand Pharma Achieves A Refined Permission Management through FineReport

1. Customer Introduction Grand Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.’s main business includes pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and other products. Group annual sales income is up to 57 million US dollars, and the volume of foreign exchange earned by export is 15 million US dollars. It has the ability to produce 200 million pieces of…

Big News! FineReport Cooperated with Haisco Pharma!

1. Customer Introduction Haisco is a pharmaceutical group company with strong technical force. Its core business is the development of new drugs. Haisco has an R & D team of nearly 500 people and the research content covers many clinical treatment fields such as parenteral nutrition, tumor, cardiovascular, antiviral drugs, endocrine and central nervous system. Haisco…

FineReport Provides Hangzhou Bank with Better Data Analysis and Decision Support

1. Company Introduction Hangzhou Bank is a joint-stock bank with good asset quality, excellent operating performance and strong comprehensive strength. In 2012, Hangzhou Bank was ranked 339th in Banker magazine’s “Global Bank 1000” according to Tier 1 capital. 2. Cooperation Background With the continuous development of Hangzhou Bank, there are more and more data analysis…

FineReport Supplys Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank with Comprehensive Data analysis

1. Customer Introduction Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank currently has a total of 32 outlets and has become the largest local financial institution with the most employees and outlets. 2. Cooperation Background Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank needs comprehensive and accurate data analysis and data visualization support provided by the IT department in the planning of future…

FineReport: the Best Solution to the Problems Facing Red Star Real Estate

1. Company Introduction Red Star Real Estate is a holding subsidiary of Red Star Macalline Investment Co., Ltd. Red Star Real Estate came into being relying on the rapid development of the real estate market, and it is an important part of Red Star investment strategy. The core business of Red Star Real Estate is…

FineReport: A Good Helper of Zhongnan Real Estate

1. Company Introduction Zhongnan Real Estate Co., Ltd. is the controlling shareholder of Zhongnan Construction Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000961). It is invested by Zhongnan Construction Group in June 1999. It specializes in real estate development, sales and property management. After nearly 20 years of development, its business has expanded to dozens of cities and became a…

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