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How to Track Employee Attendance Automatically?

Employee attendance has always been a topic that business owners care about the most. Through attendance data, you can get a general understanding of the work situation of employees. At the same time, attendance data is also an important standard for salary accounting. The times are developing rapidly, and many enterprises still use punch-card machines to solve attendance problems. They think they can solve enterprise attendance problems by attendance machines, and there is no need to spend money to buy attendance management software.

Obviously, they don’t understand the huge burden reduction effect of the attendance management system on the enterprise, or their enterprise-scale is too small and can be easily managed only by manual attendance, so it is not time to rely on high technology.

However, how does the attendance management system improve the efficiency of the enterprise’s attendance management? You will find the answer in this article.

Your Company may not Need a Time and Attendance Machine Anymore!

The traditional attendance method is to use the attendance machine for attendance, including IC cards, fingerprints, etc., but the attendance method is relatively simple, especially for field staff, it is very inconvenient for the field staff cause they do not have a fixed workplace, even working hours are not fixed, and companies cannot track the whereabouts of field employees. The attendance management system can not only provide a variety of attendance methods, but also support GPS positioning for field staff, and the field staff can complete the punch card through the mobile phone, which is free from the time and attendance machine, which greatly improves the efficiency of attendance.

So how to build a complete intelligent time and attendance system? Here we use FineReport as an example.

You can also see the video tutorial here.

Intelligent Analysis of Attendance Data

The enterprise human resources department can customize and set the attendance time and attendance area in advance on the attendance management system.

First, you can check the working day from the calendar, it supports customization.

Download Template

When you set the working day and rest day in the calendar, you can set the attendance time directly in the table below. The two tables will automatically match to help you complete the setting of the attendance time for working day and rest day, greatly improving efficiency.


Download Template
The attendance system can synchronize the attendance data of each terminal of the attendance machine and mobile phone. The system will intelligently determine whether the employee’s punch time is normal or late, leaving early or leaving the office through the set time.

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Based on these data, the system can automatically calculate the employee’s leave and normal working hours. If there is no attendance management system, then the human resources department will waste a lot of manpower and time to make statistics and calculations, resulting in many mistakes.
In addition, if the employee has abnormal attendance, the employee can also initiate an appeal in the attendance system, and the relevant personnel of the human resources department can also handle the appeal on the system, which is very convenient.


Attendance Report and Salary Calculation Automation

When there is no attendance management system, the attendance data needs to be manually counted, and the personnel needs to export the data of each attendance machine and then calculate them together. The time and attendance system built by FineReport can get through all the data of the time and attendance machine, and at the same time automatically generate the time and attendance report without manual statistics, which greatly improves the efficiency of personnel.


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At the same time, the attendance data can be automatically matched with the set attendance time, and the monthly salary can also be calculated automatically, which saves a lot of accounting time for financial personnel, and almost no mistakes.


Help Management to Keep Abreast of Employee Attendance

With the attendance system, the export of attendance data is only a matter of seconds. Therefore, the attendance data does not need to wait for a month before being exported for processing. It can be exported every day, so as to clearly understand the attendance situation of each employee in a timely manner. Enhance the staff’s attendance awareness and improve attendance management efficiency.
We can also make a large screen of attendance data through the excellent visualization function of FineReport. The key data is clear at a glance, and we no longer need to find data from dozens of reports. Excellent interactive functions can help to further understand the details of the data, and also support drill down to query and formulate data.

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In general, using the time and attendance system can not only improve the efficiency of HR but also adjust the relationship between employees and the company. Employees no longer need to queue up and punch cards to affect the mood of the day. At the same time, when employees go out to visit customers or on business trips, they can use mobile punching cards to let the leaders understand the employees’ work conditions. They can also appeal to superior leaders when they encounter abnormal attendance.


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