Drill down reports and drill through reports are two often-used features in enterprise reporting. Today, let’s discover their powerful features and different use cases. 

Drilldown Reporting 

A drill-down report allows the user to navigate the data from a comprehensive view of the data to a more detailed one. It assumes a hierarchical relationship between data. Therefore, the user can be taken to a more granular level of the data by clicking a specific visualization element on the web reports.

Take the following drill-down report as an example, which supports the multidimensional drill-down and unlimited drill-down.

In this order list report, you can drill down to indent details or logistics information when clicking on the hyperlink of ‘Order ID’. After you drill down to the indent details, you can continue to drill down to navigate the product details. In this way, you can access the granular information associated with the Order ID. 

drilldown reporting

Drilldown Reporting vs Drill Through Report

Like the drill-down report, a drill-through report supports users to navigate to a different layer of data by clicking a visualization element. However, instead of providing more granular information within the same window, drill-through takes users to explore another aspect of the data that is relevant to the data being analyzed. It gives users a new way to analyze data instead of a more granular view. 

For example, the following supply chain dashboard shows different dimensions.

When you click the money, you can view the in, out, stock, and refund. With a simple click of the bar in the bar chart, you can navigate to complete different reports in a new window, which shows in and out amounts in terms of warehouse, material, products, and vegetables.

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The Benefits of Drilldown Reporting and Drill Through

  • Drill down reports give the user a deeper insight into the critical data and help them to discover the root of the information by  walking through the hierarchy’ from level to level.
  • Drill through reports provide users with different points of view, allow them to navigate multiple layers of data without having to create new ones. This makes it easy to improve the user’s understanding of the data and the reasons behind the graphs. 

Drilldown Reporting With FineReport

FineReport is a reports generator that allows development teams to quickly and easily empower end-users with drill-down and drill-through features.
In the interactive report created by FineReport, users can drill down on different report elements by clicking on the hyperlinks.
Therefore, in a complex report, users can grasp the business problem from the macro level through charts. And then, drill down or drill through via the hyperlink from level to level, until finding detailed data that can help users to discover the specific problem.

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