FineReport V11.0

FVS Dashboard, Open Platform, Data Portal, and more

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Enhanced Visual Display and 3D Effects of FVS Dashboards

  • B/S architecture & rich built-in resources help create and display exquisite visuals.
  • Pagination design as well as smooth transition enables storytelling dashboards.
  • It is easy to build multiple 3D scenarios like 3D park / 3D factory / 3D city scenes, etc.
  • Self-adaptation methods ensure optimal display across screens and resolutions.
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Open Platform and Rich JS interfaces

  • Through visualized configuration and interface calling tools with high flexibility, Open Platform provides a secure and user-friendly lightweight engine, suitable for various enterprise users.
  • Reduce the barrier for third-party systems to access the FineReport web API, and allow transmitting user, permission, report data, department roles, and other information to third-party systems in a simpler way, thereby achieving interconnectivity.
  • By implementing a standardized platform configuration, you can realize robust client API permission management and secure authentication.
  • Log management helps realize comprehensive monitoring of requests and access for APIs and applications.
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Customize System Homepage with Data Portal

  • Quickly find favorite reports, system announcements, online and offline reports on the homepage of the decision-making platform.
  • Greatly improve the efficiency of finding data, thereby reducing communication costs between admins and users.
  • Supports customizing the portal homepage according to different departments and roles. Users have the flexibility to personalize their homepage by adjusting the metrics and resources they want to focus on.
  • Gain insights from reports anywhere, anytime with mobile portal.
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Flexible Monitoring with Data Alert

  • The data alert feature enables users to customize monitoring criteria, eliminating the need for daily data checks. It provides notifications to relevant departments when abnormal data occurs.
  • Users can conveniently set alerts directly on the report interface or subscribe to pre-configured alerts created by others.
  • Simultaneously with alert information delivery, it can trigger process management, transferring tasks to the responsible person's to-do center, achieving the follow-up and closure of abnormal situations.
  • The flexibility of alert settings allows business personnel to define various monitoring data dimensions, notification frequencies, and notification methods within the same report, according to their preferences.
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New SSO Solutions for Mutiple Authentication Methods

  • New Active Directory Single Sign-On solution allows users to authenticate their Windows login and associated application accounts by using the Active Directory service.
  • New Single Sign-On solutions based on SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0 support identity provider tools such as Keycloak, Azure AD, ADFS, OneLogin, and more.
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A Wider Range of Data Resources

  • Data in CSV and TSV formats can be directly imported into FineReport as data sources
  • Google-related data sources including Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Google AdWords are supported.
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More Features

Download Platform Log

  • This feature can help obtain the logs required for system maintenance and technical support services, and also help you quickly find where logs are stored. In addition, it also supports exporting environment information by one click for easier environmental problem troubleshooting and BUG feedback.
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You can find it in 「Intelligent Operation>Platform Log」.


Template Detetcion Assistance

  • Reduce performance issues caused by inefficient practices during template development and intelligently provide suggestions for existing templates.
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Quickly detect and locate problems, and optimize the template in an easier way.


Select Multiple Templates in Task Schedule

  • Select 「Select Multiple Templates」 as the object type to add multiple templates, where the report execution results can only be sent by email.
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Echarts API

  • ECharts is an open-source visualization chart library based on JavaScript. If the general configurations of the basic charts in FineReport are not sufficient to meet requirements, you can install the 「ECharts Graph」 plugin to customize and develop personalized charts using code.
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In addition, FineReport also supports referencing datasets in templates to realize parameter linkage and interaction with other components.


Extracted Data Cache

  • The performance of data extraction greatly affects the report execution speed.
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If a half-hour update frequency is acceptable, using cache is a solution that can reduce the pressure on server and database and improve report execution speed.


Global Search and Replace in Templates

  • Searching and replacing content in a template with a large amount of data is difficult. For example, it is difficult to locate the position of a cell, and it is unclear which component a certain SQL statement is applied to.
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This function helps you easily find and locate text content in a template, and realize global replacement.


Token Authentication Enhancement

  • Enable Token Authentication Enhancement to defend against third-party hijacking attacks.
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You can enable this in Manage > Security.


View Executed SQL to Check if Parameters Work

  • If including dataset parameters in a DB query dataset, you can use executable SQL to check syntax errors.
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You can view the result of SQL with the parameter value transmitted.


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