IoT Dashboards

IoT data can show the greatest value through data visualization. Timely obtain equipment, personnel, and cargo data, which connect people and things to create new value.


1. Visualization of Equipment Operating Status

Through the visualization of sensor data, the manufacturing and facility management department can grasp the operation status of the entire plant, the equipment of each production line and the faulty equipment in real-time. By sending a threshold alarm, you can detect equipment abnormalities early.

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2. Monitor Power Consumption

In buildings such as factories and warehouses, you can check the power consumption results in the dashboard to know the power failure and take appropriate and effective power-saving measures. When the consumption is close to the preset value, a warning message will be issued.

iot dashboard example
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3. Visualization of Predictive Management

The factory production department monitors whether the actual production results of each production line are in line with the original plan, thoroughly analyzes the reasons for the gaps, and uses them for improvement in all aspects of the next production stage.

IOT dashboard
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4. Analysis of Parking Lot Usage

Real-time analysis of parking management information by visualizing parking operator data, such as the number of parking and the number of vacant vehicles.

IOT dashboard sample
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