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Data Entry

Various widget types, support data entry of massive data volume

  • Advanced asynchronous control loading technology is used to avoid frame freezing caused by full loading of controls.
  • The data can be filled in multiple sources. The data in a report can be extracted from different databases or data tables and then backfilled to another database or data table.


Intelligent data submission control: satisfy customized submission requirements

  • 4 submission types: built-in smart submission, insert submission, delete submission, update submission, etc. You can set the cell not to participate in the submission when it is not edited.
  • Custom submission: support custom JAVA class submission.
  • Smart binding fields and cells: intelligently add fields and cells, and quickly bind them.
  • Support submitting conditions and events: only the data that meet the conditions will be entered into the database.

Intelligent data submission control
Comprehensive data validation

Comprehensive data validation: ensure the correctness of the data formats

  • Timely verification: check the cell content timely, such as text length/number accuracy
  • Submit verification: check the global data when submitting, support formula/custom java class
  • JS verification: support writing js events to achieve complex data validation
  • Mandatory submission: you can force data submission even though data verification not to pass


Import excel data online: provides multiple matching logic

  • Import row-based reports: support the import of fixed and unfixed lines, providing intelligent matching logic such as match by title and match by position, also support the import of bidirectional extended reports.
  • Import freeform reports: support importing freeform reports, match by cell locations to achieve full style import.
  • Custom import: support custom importing of line reports, users can choose which rows, columns, and sheets to import.

Import excel data online


  • Import excel data in batches: empower historical data
  • Offline data entry: get rid of the network constraints, update data anytime and anywhere
  • Smart temporary storage: avoids data loss due to accidents
  • Multiple sheets data entry: easy to submit numerous sheets in batch
  • Multi-level reporting: quickly realize the process of data reporting, approval and return


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