As technology advances, the use of data dashboards is becoming increasingly important. Metrics dashboards enable you and your team to track the effectiveness of various tactics, campaigns, and processes. As a result, they allow you to improve your plans and act on the data in real-time. These KPI metrics are critical data to analyze and evaluate a company’s sales, human resources, marketing, and operational activities.

This article will provide a detailed introduction to Metrics dashboards, including the definition, examples, and recommended dashboard software to help you streamline your dashboard generation process.

dashboard metrics
Dashboard metrics from FineReport

What are dashboard metrics?

Dashboard metrics tool tracks key performance indicators to monitor marketing activities over time and across various channels. It uses a performance metrics dashboard. Thus, you can consolidate data from many business and marketing channels, see critical indicators in a single location, and then take action based on that data. Metrics dashboards allow you and your team to monitor the performance of various tactics, campaigns, and processes and enable you to improve your plans in real time.

KPI metrics dashboard
KPI Dashboard (From FineReport)

What metrics should a dashboard have?

Businesses can’t grow and thrive in all of your critical data is scattered over several spreadsheets or kept by dozens of employees. Using an executive dashboard, you may discover vital information. In this term, your most important corporate KPIs are all shown on one screen, so you can quickly get the information you need to make essential choices. There will be no more sifting through reports to find the information you need.

Strategic dashboard metrics
Strategic dashboard metrics

Sales Metrics Dashboard

Using a Sales Metrics Dashboard, you may see your sales data in a way that aids in decision-making and allows you to assess performance. Using data-driven dashboards has become increasingly important as technology advances. A company can keep track of all critical indicators and benchmarks using a dashboard. For example, track the efficacy of particular sales efforts using a measure or KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Sales metrics dashboard
Sales metrics dashboard

Lead conversion ratio

It is crucial to know whether or not your Conversion Ratio is steady when evaluating a company’s performance. The number of persons converted into paying customers is known as the “Lead Conversion Ratio.” You’ll have a better notion of how many leads need to be converted if a firm has set a baseline.

Customer acquisition cost

Costs associated with signing up a new client are known as Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). CAC charges vary depending on the type of business. For example, you’ll have to include all of your campaigns’ expenses when it comes to web marketing. A typical SaaS (Software as a Service) firm would consist of all of your staff’s pay, marketing and sales costs in this figure.

Customer churn rate

The Customer Churn Rate is defined as the number of customers that ceased utilizing your company’s products or services in a specific timeframe. Customer Churn Rate, thus, offers you a realistic picture of your customer retention efforts and the sort of trends.

HR metrics dashboard

As the term suggests, human resources metrics are essential to analyze and evaluate an organization’s human capital and human resources activities. You may see examples of this type of data by looking at things like cost-per-hire and attrition, as well as benefits participation rates. With this sort of data, firms can figure out their people strategy by gauging how well they’re doing, where they need improvement, and what trends they might expect in the future.

HR metrics dashboard
HR metrics dashboard

Time to hire

The time to hire is an essential measure in recruitment. This metric counts the number of days that pass between applying for a job and accepting a job offer. As a result, time to hire provides insight into recruitment efficiency and applicant experience. An HR department’s ability to quickly analyze, interview, and receive a new hire is recruitment efficiency. If the recruiting process is too protracted, candidates may drop out. 

Cost per hire

The ‘cost per hiring (CPH)’ statistic, like the ‘time to hire’, illustrates how much it costs to acquire new personnel. This also acts as a measure of the effectiveness of the hiring procedure. You can calculate CPH by adding internal and external recruitment expenditures and dividing the number of hires by the number of hires. Both the price and the number of hires will reflect a chosen measurement period, such as monthly or yearly.

Billable hours per employee

This is the most tangible illustration of performance measurement for professional service businesses. This type of performance can be related to employee engagement or other input metrics, making for an interesting analysis. Furthermore, Benchmarking this statistic across departments and managers/partners can also be helpful information. 

Marketing metrics dashboard

Metrics in marketing are companies’ tools to track, document, and evaluate their performance over time. The measurements themselves might vary from platform to platform, so it’s essential to keep an eye on them. Marketers need to focus on their goals and select metrics that will help them measure their progress. 

Marketing dashboard metrics
Marketing Dashboard (From FineReport)

Cost per acquisition

The cost per acquisition (CPA) is money spent to acquire a single new client. This might change from campaign to campaign, channel to channel, and even season to season. As it is generally known, CPA is the overall cost to acquire a paying client, especially in the digital marketing era. Channel-level CPA is commonly used for budget optimization across various marketing channels. In contrast, overall CPA can serve as an indicator of your marketing budget’s overall performance.

Cost per lead

Before you can bring in new clients, you need to generate fresh leads. This sales and marketing measure aids in creating better targets and adjusting budgets. CPL budgets include items like paid ad placements and social media monitoring platforms. In addition, there should be a system in place that lets you know exactly where each lead originated. If you don’t, your data may contain sales pipelines your team had no influence.

Lead-to-customer conversion rate

Tracking the number of leads generated by your marketing efforts is essential for your marketing KPI. But if you stop there, you’re missing a critical element of the puzzle: how many leads become customers. Depending on this number, your sales staff may require more leads, better quality leads, or extra content to assist close deals. 

Operational metrics dashboard

Using operational metrics, you can see how your team or project is progressing in real-time, or by the hour, day, week, or month, depending on your needs. As a manager, you need to know where your people and processes are sliding off the rails so that you can take fast action. It is possible to avert minor concerns from becoming major ones—operational metrics aid in managing your people and processes to maximize your team’s potential.

Operation prediction dashboard metrics
Operation prediction dashboard metrics

Sales by region

Total sales by region are essential for establishing outstanding sales processes. Since it is critical to know if your sales activities bring results or whether extra modifications are in need, you should watch this operational excellence indicator operationally and strategically. The daily or weekly tracking of this operation KPI will provide you with an indication of the success of your efforts. Because your sales managers can better target their potential customers, they’ll likely achieve more outstanding results. In further depth, you will assess which areas perform best and where your items are most helpful and compare places to learn what works and what does not. Be mindful of the unique characteristics of each site.

Lead to operational ratio

The lead-to-opportunity ratio tells you how many leads a salesperson or management needs to meet their sales targets. It’s easy to see which leads have progressed to the next stage of the sales process because this is where the sales process begins. Investigating the specific source of qualified leads is a logical next step so that you can better direct your marketing and sales teams going forward. Take a look at our complete sales graphs and charts post to understand operational success metrics better.


Cost-per-click (CPC) is an operational statistic that explains the conventional pricing mechanism for internet advertising. It is easy to see which campaign had the lowest CPC when comparing multiple efforts as part of your overall plan. In advertising terms, this KPI is invaluable, but it needs to be examined in context with other operational indicators. The next section of the article provides an overview of the many KPIs often used in marketing.

Metrics dashboard software

Today I’m introducing a beautiful metrics dashboard software, FineReport. Its decision report design mode allows for a flexible layout. This layout can generate reports for various devices, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other large displays.


Try the free download here to learn more about metrics dashboards!

The entire demo module can be reused when creating a large screen or cockpit. In addition, you can reuse multiple components thanks to FRM’s modular design. As a result, the cockpit offers instant access to all the critical information required to make informed decisions.

Like an airplane’s instrument panel, it displays key performance indicators (KPIs) in the form of a cockpit. Companies can use FineReport to quickly create dashboards to assist businesses in building interactive business intelligence dashboards with a variety of analytical charts. Additionally, it allows users to easily create and share dashboard visualizations, and reports within and outside of their organization. The majority of cockpit displays fall into one of several distinct categories. For example, there are three types of cockpits from a strategic perspective: strategic cockpit, analytical cockpit, and operational cockpit.

Metrics dashboard interface from FineReport
Metrics dashboard interface from FineReport

The strategic cockpit’s goal is to give users a quick overview of KPI metrics to make quick decisions, summarize the past, or formulate future strategic objectives. Management can stay on track and avoid accidents with the strategic management cockpit, which shows managers exactly where their departments and companies are at any given time. Analytical cockpits drill collaborative filtering and other operations to track down the root of the problem.

A continuous, real-time metrics dashboard is a primary focus of operational cockpits. Thus, the data’s timeliness is high. Operating cockpits keep tabs on daily progress and results to ensure that expectations align with reality. In other words, these metrics provide information that enables the manager to address minor problems before they grow into significant, unmanageable risks.


Metrics are critical because they allow you to make data-driven decisions based on solid research. You can glean insights into your workforce from any number of metrics, some more easily implemented than others. Therefore, it is critical to combine these viewpoints to arrive at well-founded decisions that have a measurable impact. To summarize, you can effectively manage operational metrics and KPIs if valuable indicators are set to track a company’s performance from different industries, levels of operations, and specific processes required to establish sustainable development. In addition to collecting data, it’s crucial to analyze and organize it to enhance its intelligence performance, resulting in positive results and growth in the long run.

If you want to learn more about the metrics dashboard, don’t hesitate to download FineReport for free!

FineReport for analytics report

Feel free to make an appointment for a live demo with our product experts. We will be more clear about your needs and see how FineReport can help you and your organization transform data into value.

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