FineReport Application Architecture

FineReport Application Architecture

Organizing anything, from anywhere

An one-stop solution for PC, Mobile and large screen

FineReport-One-stop solution

Drag and drop operation

No coding needed, everyone can build a report in 10 minutes / One-click connection to the data source / Excel-like drag-and-drop mode

FineReport-Drag and drop operation

Fast implemention

Pure Java construction, easy to deploy in multiple ways / Flexible integration and invocation with other systems / Provide performance and risk control solutions / Easy to operate and maintain

FineReport-Fast implemention

Flexible data reporting design

Three unique types of reports (general reports, aggregate reports and decision reports) allow you to design reports of various functional styles to meet the needs of various data analysis scenarios.

FineReport-Flexible data reporting design

Flexible parameter configuration

Simple parameter manipulation and free parameter layout, together with more than ten kinds of query controls, help you easily implement a variety of custom data filtering queries.

FineReport-Flexible parameter configuration

Cool visualization and interaction

15 types of Self-developed charts / More than 50 chart styles / Smooth dynamic interactions and personalized chart configurations create a variety of cool visualizations.

Enterprise-level report management platform

Unified management of users, data, reports and permissions with the help of FineReport's data decision system.
Build an enterprise-level reporting platform to complete data centralized management.

FineReport-Enterprise-level report management platform

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