What do you think of the keyword data visualization?

Is it a cool dashboard display?

Project Common Room from FineReport

Or a variety of charts?

Aggregation Report from FineReport

Or is it an analysis of various actual business?

Tourism Analysis from FineReport

The above pictures can be found in the demo page.

Every time see these cool display pictures, I guess you will definitely think about how to make this. Especially when you find that you don’t know much about data science, but also a programming newbie, at this time, some useful software and website can save you a lot of time. Here, I will list some, hope can help you.

Free Data Visualization Tools

FineBIFineBI supports more than 50 chart styles, covering basically all basic and high-level charts on the market, and also has excellent dynamic effects and a powerful interactive experience. Various features can be set according to the needs during use, and can also be self-adjusted and displayed on the mobile terminal and large LED screen.

FineBI’s intelligent chart recommendation can automatically recommend suitable chart types based on current types and numbers of fields, makeing data visualization simple and efficient.

Developed by FineBI

FineBI is free without time or feature limits for personal use. For enterprises, it offers a quote-based plan that charges according to different situations. In a word, FineBI is price-friendly to all customers.

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FineReport, a software Java-based and easy-to-use tool, which can make a dashboard and various charts, offers special functions like data entry.

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d3.js: Data-Driven Documents, a JavaScript library for manipulating and visualizing HTML documents based on data.

Databionic ESOM Tools, a suite of programs for clustering, visualization, and classification with Emergent Self-Organizing Maps (ESOM).

Gephi, open-source, free data visualization software, and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.

Graphviz, free graph visualization software.

InetSoft Dashboardfree, Style Scope Free Edition, a free downloadable web-based application for interactive Flash dashboards and visualizations.

MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop a fast, easy, and beautiful way to explore data and share your insight – a self-service business analytics solution. Free download.

Quadrigram, a powerful visual editor that lets you design and customize interactive data visualizations.

RCloud, a web-based platform for analytics, visualization, and collaboration using R, developed by AT&T Research.

Siren, Link Analysis (knowledge graph) visualization together with relationally connected BI style dashboards. Works great on top of Elasticsearch – Free community edition available.

Commercial Data Visualization Tool

Advizor Analyst interactive data visualization for business.

CViz Cluster Visualization for analyzing high-dimensional data in large complex data sets.

Data Desk provides interactive tools for exploratory data analysis and display.

DataPlay an integrated suite of applications for data analysis, visualization, and presentation.

Encompass, a platform to visualize commercial information from regulatory sources in banking and professional services.

– High-D, interactive visualization software using multidimensional analytics and parallel coordinates.

– InetSoft Style Intelligence, a visualization-driven operational reporting platform for dashboards and data mashups.

InfoZoom an easy to use visual data analysis tool that works with multiple databases without SQL-querying.

– JReport By Jinfonet Software empowers companies to embed the most sophisticated reports and dashboards into web applications; JReport analytics platform gives developers and users advanced visualization capabilities with any data source.

KeyLines, a lightweight JavaScript toolkit for network visualization using HTML5, compatible with all browsers.

– Looker, a complete platform that allows companies to easily integrate, transform, govern, explore, visualize, and deliver data anywhere, in virtually any application.

Miner3D, data visualization technology with Dynamic Filters, PCA, K-means and other powerful methods enabling advanced visual data analysis in business and science.

OfficeReports, software for statistical analysis and data visualization, extends and automates Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Word functionality.

Partek interactive data analysis and visualization software for life sciences and engineering.

Quadrigram, a platform for creating customized data visualizations, with a flexible visual language and many visualization templates.

Spatial Key a next-generation Information Visualization, Mapping, Analysis andReporting System.

– Tableau, a visual spreadsheet for databases that allows you to visually explore, analyze and create reports.

Data Visualization Website

Data360 a site where you can find, present and share data; created to provide clear context on important cultural, environmental, social and economic issues.

FlowingData explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better – mainly through data visualization.

– Plotly collaborative data analysis and graphing tool.

Hohli an on-line chart builder

With these 32 data visualization tools, you can make boring data into vivid visual images in a short time, let your boss look at you with new eyes. If you are interested in our product FineBI, please download here.

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Feel free to make an appointment for a live demo with our product experts. We will be more clear about your needs and see how FineBI can help you and your organization to transform data into value.