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Guides on Successful Human Resource Reporting

Human resource reporting and analysis are the guarantees for doing a good job in human resource monitoring and management. Reasonable human resource reporting allows the HR department to have access to the critical data and key performance indicators of the employees. With the data, HR could have clear ideas about the employees’ calendar, payment, working schedule, attendance, and other necessary information to help them monitor every employee. In this article, we will introduce the what, why, and how of effective human resources reporting to help you understand and apply it in your work. Just check it out!

What is Human Resource Reporting?

Human resources reporting includes all the detailed information of each employee in the company, which helps HR manage and monitor employees’ general performance. The content could be flexible according to your needs. Usually, human resource reporting covers employees’ personal information and working performance in different sessions.

Under normal conditions, the human resources reporting system has more than 2 individual reports, such as calendar management reports, payment check reports, working schedule reports, attendance reports, and so on.

Why You Need HR Reporting?

The human resources reporting system is very important in the company as employees are the company’s greatest asset. HR reporting serves the following main functions:

  • Personal Information management

Under normal conditions, the HR department is supposed to collect and collate the staff’s personal information, especially their working experience and turnover patterns. These data could help HR make better hiring decisions and forecast hiring requirements. For example, if the data and charts show that employees with more than three years’ related working experience have better working achievement and tend to be more stable in their position, then they can take more notice on concerning candidates. In addition, if analytics show that people aged 23-25 years old are more likely to leave their jobs for promotional opportunities or better pay and benefits, then HR could pay extra attention to this group.

With these types of insights, HR could ensure they’re hiring the most suitable staff who can provide the most value to the company.

Human resources reporting could promote hiring efficiency and ensure staff quality.

human resource reports
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  • General performance monitoring

Many companies require employees a seasonally or yearly performance presentation and accordingly evaluate their general performance and the whole department. However, this will cause an information gap between the decision-makers and the employees. Human resources reporting could provide real-time information to the HR department and help them know clearly about the staff’s working conditions and follow the critical metrics.

human resource reporting dashboard

As shown in the dashboard made by FineReport, HR could know clearly employees’ late times (You can also add some other necessary metrics like sales performance. With these real-time data, HR could manager their employees’ performance, choose potential candidates for promotions, benefits, or prevent negative problems that might affect the organization in time.

Human resources reporting could help HR better monitor and manage the employees and make sure that all the employees are engaged and creating value for the company, not fishing in troubled waters.

  • Segmented department analysis

Human resource reporting not only displays individual performance but also offers valuable information in accessing the whole department’s achievement. By analyzing the key metrics, decision-makers could master the general situation and understand if the planning and strategies are working. Through this process, they can make adjustments in time to improve the productivity and initiatives to ensure the efficient operation of the company.

  • Cost display and payment check

The business has a large amount of hiring costs. The HR department needs to collate all the costs to the financial department. Additionally, HR is responsible for employee performance feedback and setting salary structure. Human resource reporting could clearly reflect the hiring cost, fine fee, and each employee’s salary, which helps HR sort out all the necessary data and enhances strengthen inter-departmental communication.

How to Write an Effective HR Reporting?

Before starting to design human resource reporting, you should have clear ideas about what to show in your report. You should design the report according to your actual needs. You can mix all the information within one report or apart information on different sections. But do remember, the information provided in the report will be critical in the decision-making process, so you must arrange all the necessary information in a brief, clear, and understandable way.

  • Deliver clear messages

It’s very important to deliver clear messages. As said before, you should avoid put all things together, without sorting out the targeted information, which will cause extra time on looking for the information you need. All the information on the report should be necessary. Apart from this, the information displayed should be brief, up to the point. Any information that will cause misleading should be avoided.

  • Provide accurate information and choose right frequency

You should be careful when selecting data. Any inaccurate data are unfair to employees. Also, don’t ignore updating the data to keep them fresh. Fixed, old data will cause an information gap and affect the assessment of the related employee and department. Some companies prefer to run their reports on a daily basis while some prefer a weekly update, it’s all depending on your need. Choosing the right update frequency is essential in discovering any negative patterns before the situation goes out of control. We suggest that the frequency goes no longer than a month since it might be late to take proactive actions.

  • Provide in-time feedback

After sorting out all the information and data, you are suggested to actively communicate with the decision-makers to adjust the strategies when necessary. Also, if things are going well, it’s better to show your recognition to the employees as this will keep their engagement and motivation.


Human Resources Reporting is key to a well-functioning company. Following these suggestions might help you understand and design high-quality reports.

FineReport used in the article is a professional reporting software designed for creating and managing enterprise reports. It would be a good partner to help you design high-quality human resource reports. You can download it for a free trial .

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