Marketing analytics is a game of numbers, and without an effective means to track your marketing KPIs, such as a marketing dashboard, you can’t break down your current marketing strategy or measure the success of your campaigns without a suitable data tracking mechanism.

This is precisely why marketing dashboards play a vital role in the triumph of any marketing team. They not only consolidate all the data and campaigns that have positively impacted a company but also present opportunities for enhancing your existing strategy. This aspect is crucial for making informed decisions.

To assist you in comprehending the significance of utilizing the finest marketing dashboard templates, we have curated a comprehensive guide. It includes the marketing dashboard’s definition, how-tos, and examples that you can immediately implement and leverage!

What is A Marketing Dashboard?

A marketing dashboard is a brief and detailed compilation of all relevant data about the company’s marketing activities, belonging to business intelligence for marketing. The marketing dashboard contains all useful information on a single dashboard, changing the decentralized model of the company’s manual compilation of information in the past. The dashboard can show users all the data in a specific marketing area, and all information summarizing past marketing performance can guide marketers on how to conduct future marketing activities.

a picture showing use of reports and dashboard
Use of Reports and Dashboard

Benefits of Marketing Dashboard

When utilized effectively, marketing dashboards offer a multitude of advantages to address the challenges faced by marketing teams, ranging from communication barriers to misinterpreting customer behavior. Here are several ways in which a marketing dashboard can empower and optimize your marketing department:

  • Improved visibility

Marketing dashboards significantly enhance a marketer’s ability to gain insight into their team’s progress and individual activities without the need for constant check-ins with team members.

  • Increased efficiency

Generating reports and accessing metrics across different platforms consumes valuable time for marketers. A marketing dashboard eliminates this inefficiency by consolidating metrics from various channels in a single location for convenient viewing.

Marketing dashboards provide continuous updates, offering marketers a real-time perspective on customer behavior, website traffic, and even lead generation status.

  • Enhanced decision-making and forecasting

With a wealth of readily available data presented in an easily accessible format, decision-making and forecasting become faster and more streamlined. Managers and CMOs can delve into specific details or gain a comprehensive understanding of various metrics, facilitating informed decisions that drive the team towards achieving departmental goals. If you want to know more about decision-making platforms, you can check out this page: Decision-making Platform

  • Improved KPI monitoring

Keeping key performance indicators (KPIs) at the forefront can significantly enhance their achievement throughout the entire marketing team. Furthermore, marketing dashboards assist marketers in identifying bottlenecks or issues that may hinder the attainment of KPIs, leading to better problem-solving and performance improvement.

How to Make a Marketing Dashboard Effectively?

Now, many successful marketing cases remind you of taking good advantage of your data because they will help you make faster and better marketing decisions. So, how to make good use of data? Marketing masters adopt approaches of using effective marketing dashboards. And how to make a marketing dashboard effectively? Here are some tips.

  • Identify your marketing measurement objects.

Different industries and different companies value different data. Therefore, before you make a marketing dashboard, you need to answer this question: “What is the most important decision that the marketing department makes on a regular basis?” This can help you clarify which market indicators you are about to measure and determine your marketing measurement objects.

  • Collect accurate marketing data.

After clarifying marketing indicators and objects to be measured, you need to collect the corresponding marketing data. On the one hand, it is necessary to supplement the uncollected indicators and data; on the other hand, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the collected data. Accurate data is the basis and prerequisite for carrying out analysis and decision-making activities.

clear and dynamic dashboard interface of FineReport
Dashboard Interface of FineReport
  • Choose the right marketing dashboard tool.

Among many business intelligence tools, the most important thing is to choose the software that suits your business. The criteria for judging whether it is appropriate for your company include such factors as the interface of the software, the operation of the software, and the price.

  • Share your marketing dashboard.

Increasing the transparency and fluidity of information in the organization can help the collective to make better decisions. Therefore, you have to consider how your marketing dashboard will expand. Then you will find that your data will play a greater value.

Marketing Dashboard Software

If you are seeking suitable dashboard software to make a marketing dashboard for your company, FineReport might be the most proper one. It is a powerful reporting software that has been honorably mentioned by Magic Quadrant for ABI Platforms in 2023.

Advantages of FineReport

Compared with other marketing dashboard software, these advantages of FineReport can help explain why FineReport is suitable for you.

  • Extensive Data Connectivity: FineReport offers robust data connectivity, allowing seamless integration with a wide range of data sources such as various databases, CRM systems, file sources like Excel, and more. This ensures that marketers can consolidate data from multiple channels into a single dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of their marketing performance.
  • Dynamic and clear interface: FineReport’s report filling and dashboard display are interconnected. After modifying the report data according to the actual situation, the dashboard realizes real-time changes and updates through data visualization. And FineReport’s interface is simple and beautiful, highlighting important KPI indicators.
  • Advanced Visualization Capabilities: FineReport supports more than 50 chart styles, covering basically all basic and high-level charts on the market, and also has excellent dynamic effects and a powerful interactive experience. Various features can be set according to the needs during use, and can also be self-adjusted and displayed on the mobile terminal and large LED screen.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: FineReport provides collaborative features that facilitate teamwork and knowledge sharing within the marketing team. Multiple users can work together on a single dashboard, making it easier to collaborate, gather insights, and make informed decisions collectively. The software also enables effortless sharing of dashboards with stakeholders, ensuring that relevant parties have access to the latest marketing insights.
  • Customer-friendly price: FineReport is priced friendly. Customers can choose or customize commercial versions with different prices according to their actual needs, and see “pricing” for details. In addition, FineReport provides a fully functional free version. If you have no requirement for the number of concurrencies, the free version of FineReport is open to you.
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Marketing Dashboard Template

Here are some useful marketing dashboard templates made by FineReport for you to explore, you can find more of them in the FineReport Demo Platform. FineReport provides a wide range of pre-designed marketing dashboard templates that can be readily used.

Moreover, FineReport offers a convenient feature that allows users to create custom dashboards and save them for future reuse. This means that if you design a dashboard according to your specific requirements, you can easily store and access it again without having to start from scratch. This capability significantly enhances productivity and efficiency, as you can quickly replicate and adapt previously created dashboards to new projects or reporting needs.

an interface of marketing analysis dashboard of FineReport
Marketing Analysis Dashboard(by FineReport)

A marketing analysis dashboard is not simply a summary of various data, but through clear charts and indicators to display important data analysis results to display marketing. If there are abnormal data, it indicates that there are some problems with your business operation, and the company can make adjustments accordingly.

Marketing dashboards are often used in conjunction with sales, cost, profit, and other related dashboards.

an interface of profit center dashboard of FineReport)
Profit Center Dashboard (by FineReport)

For example, a profit center dashboard is a centralized display of profit-related indicators. Based on this dashboard, the marketing department can select high-profit areas to focus on marketing.

You are welcome to make an appointment to contact FineReport for more marketing dashboards.

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Marketing Dashboard Cases

Eastroc Beverage hopes to stand out in business competition to achieve maximum profits. To this end, Eastroc Beverage uses FineReport to establish an efficient data analysis system, which explores data and digs out valuable information that can help improve the competitiveness of the company.

an interface of consumer interaction heat map dashboard of FineReport
Consumer Interaction Heat Map Dashboard (by FineReport)

Eastroc Beverage also uses a consumer interaction heat map dashboard in marketing analysis. As shown in the figure above, Eastroc Beverage analyzes the exchange status of tens of millions of users in China for nearly 5 minutes in real-time and effectively grasps the daily consumption profile analysis and consumption time period analysis. Using this marketing dashboard saves time from data generation and collection to results publishing and sharing.

“In the fast-changing market, insights into market information is the foundation of a brand’s foothold, and an accurate understanding of the market through large-scale market research has long failed to meet the speed requirements of the Internet and big data era. However, FineReport helps us adapt to the development of the times.”

——Eastroc Beverage


  • A marketing dashboard is a brief and detailed compilation of all relevant data about the company’s marketing activities.
  • When choosing an effective marketing dashboard, remember the 4 tips mentioned in the article.
  • FineReport stands out in the marketing dashboard software market with its dynamic, concise, and clear interface and friendly price.
  • Eastroc Beverage uses FineReport’s marketing dashboard to achieve good results.
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A marketing dashboard helps companies adapt to a fast-changing market. Among various marketing dashboard software, FineReport is your great assistant. Download and use FineReport now!

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Feel free to make an appointment for a live demo with our product experts. We will be more clear about your needs and see how FineReport can help you and your organization transform data into value.

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