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FineReport Beats SAP Again and Wins First Place in China’s BI Market

Recently, the well-known consulting agency International Data Corporation (IDC) has released the “IDC China Business Intelligence Software Market Tracker, 2018”. This report analyzes the sales of the software of each BI manufacturer in 2018. It can be clearly seen from the graph of the share of manufacturers that the Matthew effect in China’s BI market has been highlighted. In this competitive trend, the strong is getting stronger while the weak is getting weaker. FineReport Software ranks first with a market share of 14.88%, continuing its market position in 2017, well ahead of SAP Software Corporation.

From “IDC China Business Intelligence Software Market Tracker, 2018”

Founded in 2006, FineReport Software Company, which has won this award for two consecutive years, has been deeply involved in the field of business intelligence. During the 13 years of development, the scale and status of the company have changed dramatically, and the staff has grown from three founders to more than 1000 employees. Today’s achievements of the company are based on the trust of customers, and on the other hand, they are based on the inherent qualities that FineReport has always insisted on.

FineReport and FineBI

FineReport Software Company has two main products: FineReport and FineBI. At the launch of the new product of FineReport in 2018, the CEO Chen Yan described the company’s product strategy,“Work hard and restrain ourselves. We pursue quality rather than quantity.” When the first product, FineReportV3.0, was launched, all the people of the company were making products according to market demand and there was no full-time sales staff. Before the basic functions of the products were perfected, they were determined not to put them on the market. This deep cultivation spirit naturally continues into the entire development and promotion cycle of the second product FineBI. For more than ten years, FineReport and FineBI have been polished numerous times and have been given a very distinctive personality.

The enterprise-level Web reporting tool FineReport focuses on complex and professional data analysis and visualization. Its powerful function module enables IT staff to create a variety of data analysis and visualization works by simple drag and drop operation. You can use it to build a data decision analysis system. FineReport can deeply solve the pain points of data barriers and isolation between different systems.

The orientation of FineBI is a new type of BI tool for business personnel’s independent analysis. Compared with FineReport, FineBI’s use is more autonomous. And for business people, it is more like a buffet with a rich and free choice of ingredients. The model also makes the data analysis operation fit the specific application scenario, providing a strong decision-making basis for the company’s strategy and specific business.

Both softwares are designed to meet the specific application scenarios of different departments in different enterprises. They differ significantly, but they complement each other. The company is product-oriented, and has won the trust of many customers with its two distinctive products of high quality in the industry.

Company Culture

FineReport, a company that is almost paranoid about technology and products, has a free internal atmosphere, however. Except for the finance and human resources departments, no one has an independent office. Everyone sits at the same desk and they are all equal employees. Every job seeker who knows FineRuan is clearly aware of what he can get here: flat and relaxed relationships, true trust and full growth.

FineReport Software Company

In recent years, FineReport seems to be able to make every major decision very intelligently, which is closely related to the “willing” thinking of the company’s decision-making level. It has always claimed that “no financing, no listing”. In fact, as early as around 2012, FineReport began to attract attention of the capital market. And in 2015, it won the olive branch of many well-known investors. However, the decision-making level believes that after financing, some people may give up the initial intention of struggling because of the pleasure of capital profit. Considering the fact that the current funds are sufficient, the company decided to abandon the opportunity of getting fabulously rich. Instead, it focuses on how to serve customers and how to improve per capita efficiency. 

The report of IDC points out from the quantitative data that FineReport has the first place in the BI market in China. This is an affirmation of the market for FineReport in terms of product quality, service level and customer satisfaction. With the vision of making data into power, FineReportwill always adhereto the initial intention of making good products and providingenterprises with powerful tools for data analysis.

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