In March, 2019 Huawei’s Chinese Ecological Partners Conference was successfully held in Fuzhou. With the theme of artificial intelligence, the conference showed the changes brought by the intelligent era to nearly 20,000 guests from various fields, and explored how to seize opportunities, actively promote ecological evolution, and meet the challenges of the intelligent era.

2019 Huawei‘s Chinese Ecological Partners Conference

At the conference, Huawei clearly defined the new positioning of its business, from “being integrated” to “Huawei Inside”. Through the “ubiquitous connection + digital platform + omnipotent intelligence”, Huawei is committed to building the base of digital China and becoming the core of the digital world.

Yang Yang, dean of FineReport Data Application Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech at the conference, “With Huawei Cloud as the base, relying on AI capabilities to build an industry-wide intelligence”. Dean Yang said that the value of FineReport is to enable industry customers to easily play the value of data, specifically in the following aspects.

  • Reduce costs: With the company’s sales increasing year by year, FineReport saved 510 million yuan in the purchase cost of one year.
  • Improve efficiency: The operation department used to spend 2 hours or even half a day on some work. Now, with FineReport, it takes only 2 minutes to solve the problem. The efficiency is increased by 60 times.
  • Open the data island: More than 10 business systems were opened and linked, and the performance warning scene replaced 90% of the original manual reports. The cost has been reduced by 3 million yuan.
  • Prediction: According to the number of OA clicks in the past 3 months, FineReport issued a resignation warning for each department, with a success rate of 90%.
  • Accurate marketing: The level of customer activity is maintained at more than 50%, and the repurchase rate is over 60%.
  • Scheduling: The degree of customer satisfaction has increased by 30%, the number of receptions has increased by 23% every day for two consecutive weeks, and the timeliness of customer processing has increased directly from 80% to 100%.
Yang Yang, dean of FineReport Data Application Research Institute

How can we make the most of the value of the data? We need to think from the perspectives of business, technology, ecology, benchmarking, and talent. Dean Yang focused on the cultivation of talents: cultivate the company’s own data talents, explore effective ways from cost department to profit department, and complete the upgrade from thinking cognition to core competence and ultimately to practical ability.

Speech of FineReport Software

In addition, FineReport and Huawei jointly issued a cooperation plan at this conference. At the same time, FineReport was officially upgraded to Huawei’s strategic partner. And the two sides will develop more joint solutions and cooperate further in brand and marketing.

Dashboards in FineReport’s exhibition area

Cai Yinghua, president of Huawei BG China, said in his speech, “The solution, from development to sales should not be complicated, but simple. From the development, validation, release, launch, sales, and business support of joint solutions, the delivery of industry solutions is not just a simple combination. The partners need to collaborate efficiently.” We believe that the cooperation between FineReport and Huawei will make it easier to protect data and truly make data a productivity!

About FineReport

FineReport Software is a professional provider of big data and business intelligence analysis platforms in China. It is far ahead in terms of professional standards, organization scale, service scope and number of corporate customers. It has been recognized by many professional consulting organizations including Gartner, IDC and CCID.

FineReport is an enterprise-class web reporting software product. It is professional, simple and flexible. With simple drag and drop operations, you can design various styles of reports: parameter query reports, filling reports, dashboards, etc., and easily build a data decision analysis system.

Large Screen of FineReport

Another product, FineBI, is a self-exploratoryBI tool that allows data to be visualized in conjunction with the core metrics of business operations. Through responsive analysis, diagnostic analysis, strategic analysis and predictive analysis, data really plays a role in supporting the company’s operational decisions.

Data Visualization of FineBI

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