IDC (the International Data Corporation) has recently released the “China’s Business Intelligence Software Market Tracking Report in the Second Half of 2021”. The report shows that for the whole year of 2021, the total market share of the top 10 vendors in China’s business intelligence market accounted for 66.2%, among which FanRuan ranked first with a market share of 17.5%. It is the fifth time that FanRuan has ranked first since 2017, which fully affirmed FanRuan’s continuous leading position in China’s business intelligence software market and demonstrated FanRuan’s absolute strength in the BI field.

A picture of vendors share of China's BI market in 2021 by IDC

FanRuan is devoted to providing one-stop business intelligence solutions. The cumulative revenue of FanRuan has quadrupled in 5 years, with 287 million CYN in 2017, 462 million CYN in 2018, 670 million CYN in 2019, 840 million CYN in 2020, and 1.14 billion CYN in 2021. Since its establishment, FanRuan, which insists on user thinking, has focused on customer needs, continuously optimizing products.

With the development trend of “refinement” and “diversification” in various industries, FanRuan continues to iterate product functions and enrich its product matrix, making the products meet not only the general needs of the industry but also the niche needs of some customers, forming replicable application solutions. As a result, FanRuan has accumulated many leading customers in the industry and has a leading growth trend in the entire industry.

Data shows that by April 2022, FanRuan’s products had been successfully applied to the informatization projects in 70,000 enterprises and organizations. It has more than 870,000 user developers, and FanRuan’s products are used by more than 5,000,000 users every day for data analysis, query, data entry, and application construction.

a picture of product matrix of FanRuan

The first market share represents the double recognition of FanRuan’s products and services.

IDC pointed out that taking factors such as data security, industry regulation, and compliance requirements into consideration, in the short term, most Chinese enterprises will still choose business intelligence products supporting an on-premise deployment model. It is estimated that by 2026, the on-premise deployment model will still account for 80.9% of China’s business intelligence software market. “.

FanRuan, with a deep understanding of the pain points in business operations of Chinese enterprises, has unique advantages in on-premise deployment. Both FineReport and FineBI, FanRuan’s main products, supports on-premise deployment. Additionally, in order to ensure autonomous and controllable operations, FanRuan launched an exclusive version of the zero-code light application construction platform in June this year, supporting deployment on the private cloud.

FanRuan regards products and user experience as the two most important things. Its two main products, FineReport and FineBI, have no ceilings on development.

As long as there are new requirements in the market, there will be new possibilities for FanRuan.

In October 2021, FanRuan officially released a new version of FineReport 11.0. As an enterprise-level web reporting tool, FineReport lowers the threshold for its use again and improves management efficiency through its “professional, straightforward and flexible” nature, as well as the powerful data support function and one-click layout function of the latest version.

A picture of FineReport features

In 2022, FanRuan will also launch the FineBI 6.0 version. At the same time, it will enrich FanRuan’s products family and vigorously develop FineDataLink, JiuShuYun, ShuZhiNiao, FineMoblie, FineEPM, etc., to empower products with continuous vitality and optimize the customer experience.

a picture of portfolio

For most Chinese enterprises, the localized services and landing capabilities attached to the products are issues that cannot be avoided during the digital transformation, which is precisely the field FanRuan is very good at.

Besides the headquarter, FanRuan has set up 39 offline service outlets in many cities, with 100% provincial coverage, striving to provide more delicate and professional localized service for every customer.

In terms of the service content, in addition to project implementation and technical support, FanRuan also provides learning and training sources, community exchanges, and opens the CEO’s complaint telephone, sets up front teams to solve customer problems on-site.

A picture of Fine Service Support

Research showed that as for the cognition of digital transformation, many enterprises still remain at the technical level, regarding it as the simple use of data and technology. However, digital transformation consists of digitization and transformation. Its ultimate goal is the transformation of the entire enterprise personnel organization process. That is to say, the digital transformation represents the revolution of the enterprise strategies and organizational culture, instead of the mere application of technology. The enterprises need to consider what to do, why and how to do it in advance.

In this regard, FanRuan is also strengthening the construction of an industry exchange platform. In addition to operating the FanRuan community with over 1,400,000 fans, FanRuan has also established FanRuan Data Application Research Institute to deliver cutting-edge industry information in time, conduct relevant research, and actively carry out offline training activities, salons, summits, etc.

From September 15th to 17th this year, FanRuan will hold the 5th Intelligence Data Conference in Zhuhai, Guangdong. Through 8 major forums and more than 50 high-quality speeches, it will provide an offline communication platform for nearly 1,000 enterprises to solve problems in the digital transformation of enterprises and continue to play a leading role in the industry.

a picture of intelligence data conference

In 2022, global technological innovation enters an unprecedented period of intensive activity, and industrial digitization and digital industrialization will attract more attention.

FanRuan, as a leading role, ushered in new opportunities again. Facing the growing market, FanRuan will also improve itself from multiple dimensions, expand the breadth and depth of enterprise data analysis applications, and empower more enterprises to transform and upgrade with high-quality development and create value for customers.

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