According to the World Happiness Report survey, people in labor-intensive jobs are much happier than people working in the office. This result is surprising. Think about it carefully. What causes the people who are drinking coffee in the office to feel unhappy? I believe that the daily complex report work should be one of the reasons. Although this kind of repetitive work is not difficult, it is time-consuming and energy-consuming, which is really a headache.

If you can build an automated report system, free from daily reports… If you are interested, please continue reading.

Daily Report Work

In daily work, when it comes to reports, analysis, and data processing, business personnel and managers usually use Excel as the first choice, but the traditional “manual + Excel” model has large statistics, takes a long time, and after in-depth use, let alone multi-threading, you will find that hundreds of thousands of data crash are common, and it is really troublesome to do big data processing.

Of course, the IT department can use technical solutions to solve the problem. According to the performance of the database, write some simple SQL code. Whether it is data processing, data entry, or data visualization, the problem can be solved through a period of research and development.

If your company chooses to use a reporting tool, it must be connected to various business systems such as ERP, either by self-development or by choosing mature commercial tools.

Most of the commercial reporting tools are difficult to develop and the price is not low. But once it is used well, it can free employees from report work, which is still very valuable. Here I take FineReport as an example and show you some usage scenarios.

Excel-like Operations

The advantage of FineReport is that after data modification, it can be directly synchronized to the database in real-time. From basic report functions to large visualization screens, it can be used basically without code. FineReport is written by pure java, and its essence is a general report production and data visualization tool, whether it is IT development or business use, you can easily get started.

For example, if you want to do a financial statement analysis, you may write code or write complex SQL statements in the past, as a result, you will not only waste time, but SQL statements often make mistakes. If you use FineReport, you can directly use the built-in templates without any extra operations at all!

Its designer is like Excel. It is easy to build a data decision analysis system. You can create reports by writing simple SQL codes, which can basically meet all report requirements:

Drag and drop to make a sales report
Purchasing Center Dashboard
Financial Position Analysis

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Solve Isolated Data Islands

In many cases, the time for reporting is not the most. It takes the longest time to find data in business systems such as CRM, ERP, and OA. Due to the problem of data fragmentation, the business department has to raise various requirements for the IT department. As a result, the communication time plus the development and retrieval time have to be left over time for reporting.

FineReport supports connecting to a variety of databases, no IT department is needed anymore, and the business department can freely call the data of each database. Different types and sources of data can be analyzed in the same report, including relational databases Oracle, Mysql, or big data platforms such as Hadoop/Spark.

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Support Complex Report Format

FineReport has three report modes: general reports, aggregation reports, and decision reports. These three report modes can almost meet all report requirements. The decision-making report has a very high degree of design freedom. Those dashboards that look very cool can actually be made by FineReport, because each time the data is obtained, it is dynamically fetched from the database side. Yes, so as long as the data in the database is updated, the displayed data will also be updated. If you want to automatically refresh the template, you can write some simple Javascript code, which also shows its good data opening capabilities.

Various Types of Reports

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A reporting tool is a practical tool that helps centralize IT department operations and efficiently respond to the reporting needs of various departments. The IT department only needs to organize the data in the early stage, and the business department can efficiently develop the reports in the later stage. Free data extraction, various built-in reports, and Excel-like operation processes free you from boring report work, and no longer have to spend a lot of time immersed in reports!

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