The digital marketing era is coming. Marketing has become a data-driven industry that requires fast data processing and intuitive demonstration. Social media, email, web-based advertising brings numberless data to companies. Marketers have to see to it that these data are fully made use of and can add positive value to their work. However, with the aid of BI, there are several ways to achieve these goals. The detailed ways are as follows.

How does BI benefit marketing?

BI for marketing
What does BI do for marketing?

Empower the marketers

The company’s products are launched based on certain target market users. 

With the emergence of social media, lots of customer information are available for marketers now. Using big data technology allows enterprises to judge future buying patterns and trends. However, fetching data from social media platforms could be a tricky problem standing in the way, let alone the following data cleaning, organization, mining, and analyzing. All these ask for a seasoned data scientist who is familiar with statistical and programming languages.

Any marketing expert should know that a large number of decisions need to be made flexibly and quickly. You can’t require every member of the marketing team to be proficient in mathematics and programming.

To fill the gap, marketing BI builds a solid foundation for business users to make use of massive data. For instance, Self-service BI allows business users to access and explore data sets even if they do not have a background in BI or related fields such as data mining and statistics.

The following picture shows how a business user applies FineReport to make data visualization. With the drop-and-drag mode, everything becomes convenient.

benefit of BI for marketing: empower the marketers
The intuitive interface of FineReport

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Support the formulation of marketing strategies

It always matters for marketing teams to figure out the needs of customers and comprehend every aspect of the market. Related information might come from multiple channels, with data stored in different systems. Integrating all the relevant together is very time-consuming.

BI tools help you integrate relevant data and help assess and prepare information for marketing teams. Through an intuitive BI dashboard, the marketing team could adjust from reality and make up customer-based sales strategies. Therefore, business intelligence for marketing will make a more composed and effective marketing strategy.

Improve the work efficiency

It is a simple matter to check the daily marketing data of each channel. But marketing specialists are too consumed by these things. When employees report on their monthly marketing performance, what do they have to go through?

Marketing Dashboard (From FineReport)

First, they have to access websites of different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube, and so on. These channels are not naturally connected, so you need to copy or download the data and enter them into your own report. They often need to do some calculations. For example, compare the result data with the target data, calculate the completion rate, and so on. The whole process is time-consuming but also very mechanical.

With BI, you can develop a marketing performance dashboard to monitor these data automatically. The data of the dashboard can be set to be updated in real-time and sent to the mailbox at a frequency of daily, weekly, and monthly. In this way, employees no longer need to spend a lot of time on the machine to summarize data.


Firms invest in business Intelligence systems and ensure that their data is integrated and accessible. Some software is beneficial for companies to create automatic marketing reports. Welcome to have a free trial. Using the template in FineReport to make marketing reports and marketing dashboards is a smart choice. 

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