Insurance companies provide risk management in the form of insurance contracts. Industry-specific, comprehensive, and reliable data management and presentation have become an issue of increasing concern in the insurance industry. The insurance dashboard is one of the most commonly used data display methods.

insurance dashboard
Insurance Dashboard (by FineReport)

What are Insurance Dashboards?

Insurance dashboards, as one kind of digital dashboard, are using BI and analytics to provide essential insights to empower the insurance business. Insurance dashboards can collect and extract relevant data from multiple sources and display them on one screen. It helps agents and brokers efficiently track progress, monitor incomes and expenses.

There are lots of benefits of insurance dashboards:

  • Monitor claims and develops a smooth claim management process
  • Analyze the risk and detect frauds 
  • Access and control the costs
  • Display historical data in a real-time manner
  • Compare performance

Considering these, insurance dashboards are often used in business and come in different types, from predictive analysis, customer and claims analysis, marketing, sales, and organization management.

Types of Insurance Dashboards

Insurance claims dashboard

The insurance claim dashboard is to helps organizations monitor the claim handling process and trends. This kind of dashboard reports the primary claim status and analyzes the process.

Insurance KPI dashboard

An insurance KPI dashboard is to measure the performance and efficiency of insurance agents. These KPIs include contract rate, bind rate, retention rate, and so on. By using these Insurance KPIs and metrics business leaders can learn how to balance the risks and rewards that direct the future insurance business. 

Insurance sales dashboard

The insurance sales dashboard gives the leader a clear picture of key performance metrics. Most of them contain the information of sales revenue, net income collected from different products.

Insurance Dashboard Software

Dashboard software helps insurance institutions build interactive dashboards to track the critical performance of different departments, different product lines, and different teams. For business people, they need a professional, simple, and flexible dashboard production tool to improve efficiency and reduce production costs.

To meet these requirements, the dashboard tool needs to meet at least the following requirements.

  • Easy to Use

Easy-to-use tools can reduce the learning cost of users and are therefore more conducive to promotion in the organization, considering that not every employee in the company understands code. For example, the excel-like interface and drag-and-drop mode make FineReport a powerful helper for most newbies.

Dashboard Design Interfac
Dashboard Design Interface-FineReport
  • Allow Interactive Display

I have introduced some benefits of interactive reports. Now for the dashboard, it is mostly the same. Through parameter or data filtering, FineRport uses data tips, interactive highlighting, series interaction, online switch, coordinate scaling, and automatic refresh to realize interactive analysis.

  • Allow Eye-Catching Visual Effect

Through various graphs and charts, you can easily track KPIs from multiple business systems on the big screen and TV dashboard and gain insight into these data after analysis. FineReport was born for the production of large-screen dashboards. There is no need to do additional customized development, and the cool management dashboards made by FineReport can be displayed on large screens or TV dashboards in various scenarios.

Visualization Widgets and Components
Rich visual effects-FineReport


This article introduces the types of dashboards commonly used in the insurance industry: claim dashboard, insurance KPI dashboard, and insurance sales dashboard. In addition, this article introduces a useful tool. FineReport has a variety of built-in templates, and you can produce cool dashboards with simple operations. If you are interested, feel free to download and try it.

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