What is management dashboard?

Management dashboard is suitable for different business fields and various departments of enterprises. In the form of easy-to-read charts and numbers, management dashboard displays all important business key performance indicators (KPIs) on the corresponding dashboards.

Generally, management dashboard is open to internal staff within companies. Therefore, everyone can see all the goals, indicators, action items and KPIs. Management dashboard helps to track the progress and success of the company’s business indicators and enables decision-makers to make data-driven decisions about future business goals. Moreover, management dashboard provides dynamic management data analytics for monitoring.

a cartoon picture showing management dashboard in business world
Management dashboard in business world

Management dashboard design


Management dashboard is designed to help companies analyze and make decisions in a concise way. In order to achieve this goal, the design elements of a successful management dashboard are as follows.

  • Clear and beautiful interface: Simple and beautiful interfaces can not only help employees spend the least time and effort to find key data, but also helps keep employees motivated.
  • Accurate data: Accurate data and information are the basis of all decision-making and an important basis for corporate judgment.
  • Proper metrics: Different business areas use different work metrics to measure. Therefore, management dashboard needs to use appropriate metrics as needed.
  • Combining charts and numbers: The combination of charts and numbers on the one hand helps to keep the interface simple and intuitive, and on the other hand to keep employees interested in reading.
  • Dynamic update: The business world is changing rapidly. Therefore, real-time data updates are critical to business decisions.


The templates introduced in the article are all awesome products provided by FineReport. If you wonder how FineReport will help your business in concrete situations, welcome to make an appointment to achieve one-to-one consultation.

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Sales management

an interface of sales analysis dashboard made by FineReport
Sales analysis dashboard(by FineReport)

Sales analysis dashboard could benefit sales management. With the help of management dashboard, sales teams can automatically generate sales reports and gain business insights. Compare the company’s set goals with the actual completed situation to provide support for sales management.

Cost management

an interface of dynamic cost dashboard made by FineReport
Dynamic cost dashboard(by FineReport)

Cost management dashboard can help solve the problem of lagging in the formulation of cost strategies in the business operation process. Using this dashboard, users can realize real-time updates of dynamic cost data through data reporting, and can see the cost distribution.

Cash management

an interface of cash management dashboard made by FineReport
Cash management dashboard(by FineReport)

Cash management dashboard can help you understand the cash situation of your business at a glance. Through the analysis and measurement of important indicators, it is helpful for enterprises to manage cash.

Except management in business fields, management dashboard could also apply to other fields. The following includes concrete examples.

Intelligent transportation monitoring system

an interface of intelligent transportation monitoring system made by FineReport
Intelligent transportation monitoring system(by FineReport)

Intelligent transportation monitoring system helps to achieve traffic management. Using this dashboard, you can observe road traffic conditions in real time. By observing road speed and congestion in real time, the transportation department can act quickly to prevent traffic congestion.

Parking IOT usage

Management dashboard
Analysis of Parking Lot Usage (FineReport)

Parking lot usage dashboard can visualize parking operator data, such as the number of parking and the number of vacant vehicles. And then it can realize the analysis of parking management information for further management.

Management dashboard tool

More and more management dashboard tools are emerging to help management. FineReport is definitely one of the best ones.

Application case

BBK Group, a large-scale enterprise group in China, has created world-renowned brands such as OPPO, vivo, and OnePlus. BBK Group uses FineReport to comprehensively consider time, weather, season, temperature, historical passenger flow, store operating area and other indicators. Futher it adopts Python script processing to predict the store’s passenger flow. This method has promoted the accuracy of store passenger flow forecasting to reach 95%, realizing effective management of customers.

an interface of Customer flow dashboard of Fanruan’s BI FineReport
Customer flow dashboard (by FineReport)

Customer comment

“FineReport helps promote the digitalization of stores. Using this software saves time and energy at the same time. It further meets the analysis needs of business personnel and releases the analysis potential of the business. So we can focus on handling business, discovering problems, analyzing problems, and solving problems.”

——Mr. Wang from BBK Group  

Employee from BBK Group comments FineReport


Management dashboard can be your helpful new assistant to survive or even be a leader of business world. FineReport could be your wonderful assistant of modern management. Why not click the button to try to apply FineReport in your management?

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