Are you worried about unfavorable investment? Don’t know how to make investment decisions? Investment dashboard can help you make better investments.

Investment dashboard: definition & use

What is investment dashboard?

Investment dashboard is one of the dashboard tools of business intelligence software. It is mainly for the financial departments. It visualizes data in a combination of charts and numbers, visually and beautifully displaying investment data and conditions, therefore it achieves goals of assisting financial departments in analysis and decision-making.

a cartoon of people using investment dashboard
A cartoon of people using investment dashboard

Use of investment dashboard

There are many application scenarios for investment dashboards. Here, I’d like to describe several ones.

  • Before you make investment decisions, you could check dashboards of your intended investment company. Use dashboard to value the operation status of your investment target and help your decision-making.
  • After you make investment actions, you could use the dashboard to keep track of up to date investment conditions. If the investment situation is good, you can continue to invest. Otherwise, you need to stop the loss in time and adjust the investment strategy.
  • Investment dashboard is mainly but not only for financial department. Other departments within companies can also use the dashboard for their relevant business. For example, sales department could dig into other markets according to the investment analysis.

Investment dashboard software

Software in the market

A lot of high-quality investment dashboard software are there on the market.

  • Power BI: Power BI owns a set of business intelligence dashboards, including, to provide insights in an organization.
  • Tableau: Tableau provides dashboard in pursuit of the vision of helping people view and fully utilize data.
  • QlikView: QlikView enables users to quickly develop and deliver interactive investment dashboards.
  • Zoho Analytics: Zoho Analytics allows you to create visually attractive data visualizations and insightful dashboards in just a few minutes.
  • FineReport: FineReport provides comprehensive and professional dashboard services. Moreover, FineReport with its rich industry accumulation, simplifies user operations at a low learning cost.
an interface showing design principle of FineReport
Design principle of FineReport

Comparative advantages of FineReport

Although there are many products for you to choose, I want to focus on FineReport. Compared with other products, FineReport take following advantages.

  • Clear investment dashboard section: In other software, the investment dashboard is subordinate to other financial dashboards. However, FineReport makes investment dashboard section clear from other dashboard section to make it convenient for users.
  • Proper pricing: Compared with other products, FineReport provides reasonable prices and flexible price plans for customers to choose according to their intentions. Customers can choose free version to fully experience the functions without time limits with no more than 2 concurrent users. You can also use the commercial version to propose your own needs for customization. The number of users and concurrency can be purchased on demand. More concrete price information are included in the “pricing” for you to check. And if you believe FineReport is helpful for your business, welcome to trial it for free.

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Templates of FineReport

FineReport has investment dashboards embedded in the software. Let’s take a glimpse of them.

Bank dashboard

an interface of Bank dashboard(by FineReport)
Bank dashboard(by FineReport)

Bank dashboard has an important reference value for corporates. Bank dashboard displays the deposit and loan status of the target bank in each region. Based on this dashboard, companies can make corresponding loans and deposits moves in combination with their own investment strategies to ensure the supply of the capital chain.

Total investment amount

an interface of Total investment amount dashboard(by FineReport)
Total investment amount dashboard(by FineReport)

Total investment amount dashboard is the representative dashboard for investment. Through the dashboard, companies can view and check their total investment conditions of a year. Companies can use the data on the dashboard to judge the quality of their investment in the previous year, so as to provide empirical reference for investment in the next year.

If you want to know more investment dashboards of FineReport, or you have valuable suggestions for FineReport, welcome to make an appointment to contact us.

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Investment dashboard examples

Greentown China Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Greentown China”) is China’s leading high-quality housing product development and comprehensive life service provider. It leads the industry with high-quality product quality and service quality, and is committed to building an brand of “ideal life comprehensive service provider”.

FineReport’s investment dashboard application

Greentown China makes comprehensive use of investment dashboards and other financial dashboards.

an interface of Financial performance dashboard(by FineReport)
Financial performance dashboard(by FineReport)

Greentown China uses financial performance dashboard to check and measure the financial status of the enterprises in the previous stage, including the rate of return on investment. In this phase, the company combines the analysis of the previous phase of investment strategy and the comparison of goals and results, and uses FineReport to formulate an investment plan suitable for the company.

an interface of Investment schedule dashboard(by FineReport)
Investment schedule dashboard(by FineReport)

“The value of data is pouring out. The management realizes the importance of digital operation management analysis. By using FineReport in our company, we makes BI a part of our work and fully reflects the value of data.”

——Greentown China Holdings Co., Ltd.


Investment dashboard aids your investment. Through offering information to financial and other departments, enterprises may make smarter investment decisions. While applying FineReport in the investment process, you will achieve the goal. Download and use FineReport now!

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