An efficient means of monitoring individual IT key performance indicators (KPIs) is through the utilization of an IT dashboard. This valuable tool empowers IT professionals to remain proactive in their IT projects, ensuring the timely achievement of significant milestones, effective management of tickets and problems, and meticulous tracking of all pertinent IT expenses.

Irrespective of the sector, it is crucial for Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technical Officers (CTOs), project managers, and other IT experts to align themselves with the strategic priorities of their organizations if they aim to deliver enhanced value and make a more profound impact. To achieve this alignment, IT dashboards prove to be an invaluable asset. By employing a sophisticated dashboard creator, teams not only gain control over their data, projects, and visual representations but also acquire a modern solution for seamlessly and easily monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing IT KPIs. With robust software for IT analytics, teams can promptly identify and address issues before they escalate into severe consequences.

In this article, we will elucidate all the basics of the IT dashboard, providing you with comprehensive insights.

IT dashboard: definition & design

What is an IT dashboard?

The IT dashboard is a business intelligence tool for efficiently tracking KPIs. Using an IT dashboard, departments can improve the ability and efficiency of finding, correlating, and communicating all information. It can also help employees grasp their projects and reach important milestones in time, effectively solving problems and tracking all related costs in detail.

The IT dashboard is a great tool to align with the company’s strategic priorities. By using professional dashboards, teams can not only control their data, projects, and visual effects but will also be equipped with modern solutions to monitor, analyze and optimize IT KPIs simply and directly. With powerful software, the IT analysis will enable teams to detect problems early and react quickly, lest they escalate into serious damage.

 a cartoon of people using investment dashboard
A cartoon of people using an investment dashboard

IT Dashboard design philosophy

Like other dashboards, the IT dashboard also has its own design philosophy.

  • Simplification: The IT dashboard integrates data from multiple sources to simplify the reporting process, so users can get rid of the cycle of pulling reports and focus on the information they need. At the same time, the dashboard interface needs to be clear and beautiful, with key information highlighted.
  • Distinguish industries and fields: the IT dashboard is widely used and can be applied in various fields and industries. Based on this, during the process of designing, the dashboard needs to be differentiated and be more specific to the target market.
  • Be smart: The data in the dashboard needs to be automatically updated in real-time according to the report. Through data visualization, you can view the trend of changes. What’s more, analysis and decision-making can be assisted intelligently.

IT dashboard software

FineReport is one of the wonderful IT dashboard software. FineReport has a place in the market with its easy-to-understand operation, beautiful interface, and complete functions.

an interface of mobile terminal of FineReport
The mobile terminal of FineReport

Comparative strengths of FineReport

Compared with other similar products on the market, FineReport has the following comparative advantages.

  • In terms of use: FineReport is simple to operate and easy to use. FineReport insists on a low-code design, and you can operate the software proficiently by using simple SQL. The software is suitable for multiple systems. FineReport software can be installed on Windows, and Mac OS, and projects can be deployed on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, and other systems.
  • In terms of data integration: FineReport has a powerful data preparation functionality, supporting over 30 different database tables and SQL data sources. It also supports various file data sets such as Excel and txt files, as well as multidimensional databases and procedural data sets. It is suitable for data analysis scenarios with high real-time requirements.

Additionally, FineReport can integrate with other systems such as OA or ERP systems, making it easier to find and extract data for report creation at any time.

  • In terms of data visualization: FineReport supports more than 50 chart styles, covering basically all basic and high-level charts on the market, and also has excellent dynamic effects and a powerful interactive experience. Various features can be set according to the needs during use, and can also be self-adjusted and displayed on the mobile terminal and large LED screen.

  • In terms of price: FineReport is priced properly in the market. It offers both free and commercial versions in consideration of the different needs of customers. If you are looking for personalized services, or have requirements for the number of users and concurrency, you can click on “pricing” to ask for more details. In addition to the limit on the number of concurrencies (no more than 2), the free version could satisfy all your basic needs. You are welcome to take a free trial.
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IT Dashboard Templates of FineReport

As we have discussed in the IT dashboard design philosophy, FineReport targets different fields and provides relevant templates.

For company

an interface of supply chain dashboard of FineReport
Supply Chain Dashboard (by FineReport)

The supply chain dashboard will clearly display critical indicators such as market proportions and supply chain distribution with charts and figures, and these indicators will be updated automatically in real-time as reality changes. With the help of this dashboard, it is helpful for the company to conduct business analysis and decision-making, and maintain the sustainable operation of the company.

The sales dashboard is a comprehensive sales performance dashboard designed to provide insights and analysis on sales performance across an organization. It provides a holistic view of sales performance by tracking key metrics such as revenue, sales by city, and sale by state. The dashboard also allows users to drill down into each metric to get more granular insights and identify specific trends or issues.

The marketing dashboard is not simply a summary of various data, but through clear charts and indicators to display important data analysis results to display marketing. If there are abnormal data, it indicates that there are some problems with your business operation, and the company can make adjustments accordingly.

For government

an interface of intelligent transportation monitoring system of FineReport
Intelligent Transportation Monitoring System (by FineReport)

An intelligent transportation monitoring system is an important assistant for the traffic department. By viewing the dashboard, the transportation department can observe road traffic conditions, road speed, and congestion in real-time, and take corresponding actions based on observations to prevent traffic congestion.

For school

The student analysis dashboard was born in response to the needs of school management during the epidemic. By viewing the dashboard, the school can grasp the health status of faculty, staff, and students in real-time. In addition, the dashboard provides a reference for the school’s various decisions during the epidemic.

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IT dashboard examples

The urban population is large and flows frequently. How to effectively manage urban residents has always been a major problem for governments.

an interface of smart city operation center dashboard(by FineReport)
Smart City Operation Center dashboard(by FineReport)

However, nowadays with the smart city operation center dashboard made by FineReport, governments can manage more effectively. The dashboard mainly shows the status of the population, education, age, and occupation distribution. Through a comprehensive analysis of the dashboard, the government can optimize the distribution of resources and improve the problem of uneven development. At the same time, the government formulates various policies based on the dashboard to effectively meet the needs of social development.

“FineReport adapts to the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation trends, adapts to the objective requirements of the active development of market entities, and gives full play to the role of new technology.”


IT dashboard provides support to harness information technology intelligently and efficiently. Among various dashboard supporters, FineReport is definitely a good choice. Stop hesitating, download and use FineReport now!

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