Solve the problem of enterprise report application

The dilemma of data application

① The data is too scattered to use effectively

② Making report manualy is of low efficiency and poor accuracy

③ Unable to meet various reporting needs

④ Lack of enterprise-level report management portal

The dilemma of report development

① Frequent system bugs

② Limited Software functions and poor capacity to meet more demands

③ Heavy workload and low development efficiency

④ Difficult to maintain subsequently

Enterprise reporting platform

A simple, efficient, and intelligent reporting tool for fast building enterprise-class Web reporting platforms.

Global business analysis

Conduct targeted data analysis for each business segment, such as financial analysis, sales analysis, production analysis, and so on.

Unified data management

Easily integrate multi-source data to form a global data horizon and realize enterprise data intelligence operation.

Mobile data analysis

Quickly build enterprise-specific mobile data applications to improve office efficiency.

Large screen

A cool way to display data in monitoring centers, convention centers and other scenarios.

Embeded business application

Powered by finereport, build various data applications such as attendance systems, ordering applications, and more.


One-click connection to the data source through the Excel-like designer, drag and drop the fields to create a real-time report. Support for stand-alone deployment or integration with other systems. Easy to learn and easy to use.


The three report design modes support the production of various complex reports (data filling reports, responsive reports, etc.), and provide cool data visualization effect with over 70 chart styles independently developed, which can meet almost any report challenge.


The data filing system is supported by the decision-making platform, providing a series of functions of data reporting, process approval, and permission management to flexibly respond to changing business needs such as operations, human resource, finance, and contracts.

FineReport Partner Network

Finereport has more than 7,000 partners covering 233 sub-industries, including famous enterprise like Starbucks, Nike, IBM, HITACHI, Huawei, Alibaba, and so on.

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