Are you grappling with confusing report numbers? Have you received complaints from business departments about unclear indicators? Utilize the Business Objects Dashboard, and bid farewell to these problems. This powerful tool is designed to bring clarity to your data, ensuring that you no longer find yourself surrounded by perplexing or unclear information.

What is a Business Objects Dashboard?

The business objects dashboard is the collection of reports and charts. It aims to provide business analysis and decision-making reference to companies in the form of a dashboard through the use of a business intelligence system.

Compared with other dashboards, the business objects dashboard is more specific and targets various business fields. Moreover, it offers a useful guideline for the operation of every business department in the enterprises.

a cartoon sketch of business objects dashboard
A cartoon sketch of business objects dashboard

Business Objects Dashboard Design


In the process of designing a business objects dashboard, several principles need to be followed.

  • Accurate data: Data is at the heart of all business intelligence. In the design of the dashboard, the accuracy of the data must be ensured in the first place.
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces: A simple, intuitive, and beautiful interface is one of the principles of designing any dashboard. Clear interfaces help users find useful information quickly and maintain interest and enthusiasm.
  • Clear business orientation: The business objects dashboard is specifically for each business department. Therefore, in the design of the dashboard, it is necessary to clarify the business orientation to avoid interspersing key indicators of different departments on the same dashboard which will confuse.
  • Dynamic update: The business objects dashboard combines reports and charts. Therefore, in the process of designing, it is necessary to realize the linkage between reports and dashboards. In other words, charts and data on the dashboard need to be updated in real-time according to the changes in the report data.
a picture showing FineReport’s business objects dashboard for workshop
FineReport’s business objects dashboard for workshop  


  • Key indicators: The business objects dashboard contains key indicators for each business unit. This facilitates relevant business personnel to quickly and accurately find key information. Moreover, it is an improvement over the traditional and cumbersome way to view indicators.
  • Charts and numbers: Business objects dashboard combines data numbers and charts through the way of dashboards. On the one hand, it keeps the interface clear and beautiful, further keeping the user’s interest; on the other hand, it realizes data visualization.

Software in the Market

Nowadays, many well-designed business objects dashboards have come out on the market. Despite the fierce market competition, FineReport still stands out in the market with its wonderful products and cost-effective prices. FineReport is a fully functional business intelligence software. It provides high-quality dashboard services, with a complete set of dashboard templates. Here I’d like to introduce several templates briefly.

Sales Analysis Dashboard

an interface of sales analysis dashboard made by FineReport
Sales analysis dashboard(by FineReport)

The sales analysis dashboard is the business objects dashboard targeted to the sales department. The dashboard includes key sales indicators and goals for sales personnel to analyze and make decisions.

Dynamic Cost Dashboard

an interface of dynamic cost dashboard made by FineReport
Dynamic cost dashboard(by FineReport)

The dynamic cost dashboard is mainly for the financial department. Through monitoring key cost indicators, the financial department could summarize the cost utilization efficiency and arrange subsequent cost allocation.

Marketing Dashboard

an interface of marketing dashboard made by FineReport
Marketing dashboard(by FineReport)

The marketing dashboard is another representative of business objects dashboards. Marketing teams and departments could resort to a marketing dashboard to dig out more market information.

FineReport is ready to offer you advice and suggestions to prosper your business. You’re welcome to make an appointment with FineReport to consult more concrete details.

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Business Objects Dashboard examples

Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China is troubled by the huge amount of data collation brought about by the huge flow of people. After applying FineReport, the hospital management department can quickly check relevant information at any time.

an interface of specimen analysis dashboard made by FineReport
Specimen analysis dashboard(by FineReport)

FineReport supports data drilling on different time dimensions. The hospital management department can obtain the historical situation and development trend of the hospital specimens within a specified time. Through the analysis of the three different dimensions of day, month, and year, targeted adjustments can be made to scientifically manage the flow of people in the hospital.

“FineReport greatly reduces the workload of the staff of the hospital management department. At the same time, it allows hospital leaders to more intuitively and conveniently understand the real-time operation of the hospital, providing a very good decision-making assistance for hospital management and control.”

——Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A Conclusion of Business Objects Dashboard 

The business objects dashboard unleashes the potential of business units. All business departments converge and work together to create a more prosperous enterprise future. FineReport is the representative software of the business objects dashboard. Grasp the chance and click the button to use FineReport to fully unleash the potential of your business.

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