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FineReport 10.0 Enhances Information Security and Escorts Corporate Information!

In the design and development of FineReport 10.0, we exert force “safety”. The newly updated FineReport 10.0 improves the security of the application from both the patching vulnerability and the active defense. At the same time, Fansoft will also launch a safety white paper with 360 cooperation certification at the “Fanruan 2018 New Product Launch Conference”.

Update Compatibility of FineReport Versions

We will introduce Update Compatibility of FineReport reporting tool versions that include FR8.0,7.1.1,7.1,7.0.5,7.0.4,7.0.3,7.0.1 in this article. 1. Update guide for FR8.0 versions 1.1 Flattening style Description: The parameter interface control, filling control and toolbar button are changed to flattening styles. To change V7.1 style plan, enable the plug-in of “Original Control Style Plug-in” in “Plug-in…

FineReport8.0 Product Update Log

We will introduce product’s version 8.0 of FineReport reporting tool in this article.This article includes five parts:Engine、Chart、Designer、Platform and Mobile side. 1. Engine 1.1 Export and print of Aggregate Report In V8.0, the Aggregate Report supports exports in excel/word/pdf and various prints. For details, refer to Aggregate Report Design. 1.2 Headline subfield and end line optimization For…

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