Product News | 12 min read
In the design and development of FineReport 10.0, we exert force “safety”. The newly updated FineReport 10.0 improves the security…
Product News | 9 min read
Here's a look at what's inside FineReport 10.0. We are working hard from the perspectives of security, large concurrency and…
Product News | 15 min read
We will introduce Update Compatibility of FineReport reporting tool versions that include FR8.0,7.1.1,7.1,7.0.5,7.0.4,7.0.3,7.0.1 in this article. 1. Update guide for…
Product News | 5 min read
In order to improve the product, FineReport report software version has been constantly upgraded.How to view the product version number…
Product News | 6 min read
We will introduce product's version 8.0 of FineReport reporting tool in this article.This article includes five parts:Engine、Chart、Designer、Platform and Mobile side.…
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