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FineReport8.0 Product Update Log

We will introduce product’s version 8.0 of FineReport reporting tool in this article.This article includes five parts:Engine、Chart、Designer、Platform and Mobile side.

1. Engine

1.1 Export and print of Aggregate Report

In V8.0, the Aggregate Report supports exports in excel/word/pdf and various prints. For details, refer to Aggregate Report Design.

1.2 Headline subfield and end line optimization

For headline subfield in current versions, one cell has to completely cover the subfield area for extension, which fails to meet customer requirements. Therefore, V8.0 is improved to solve this problem.

1.3 Improve filling page experience

For current filling page controls, no control type is displayed in initial loading, making the user unable to know the control to be edited and the control type. To edit a control, you need to click for 2-3 times and select it firstly before opening it. To solve this problem, a switch control is added in V8.0 to display control type. For details, refer to Display Control Type in Filling Loading.

1.4 On-line excel import for multiple setting

In current versions, the backstage logics for on-line import of excel are complex, which fails to meet all customer requirements. Therefore, attribute control is added to make function more flexible as different matching logics will be used in different circumstances.

1.5 Export and print html for processing
In pre-8.0 versions, html is directly processed into an image. When the image is exported for print, it may become blurry due to scaling. To solve this problem, in post-8.0 versions, html will be exported in status quo.

1.6 Replace built-in access database into sqlite
In previous versions, the designer built-in database is access, which is unavailable in 64-bit jdk server (unless an odbc drive for 64-bit access is installed) and mac. Therefore, in V8.0, it is replaced into sqlite.

1.7 Support edit of rich text

A rich text editor is added in the designer cell elements. In this way, one cell can have different contents and styles. For details, refer to Rich Text.

1.8 Tab layout
The form is added with tab layout to realize card components. For details, refer to tab layout.

1.9 Plug-in installation and update

To meet requirements of various users, FineReport V8.0 adds more interfaces. Special functions realized through interfaces can be integrated to the report designer and server by means of plug-in. In addition, interface operation and management are provided. For details, refer to Installation Management and Authorization of Plug-in.

1.10 Flash print, ppapi and npapi

The chrome browser adopts flash for print. If ppapi is used in chrome, print is also supported. However, edge setting is not available.

2. Chart

2.1 Map supports svg parse

Built-in map is changed tosvg, to improve map display effect. Map legend switch is re-designed to be more in line with user habits. During preview, the map can be scaled up and down with mouse wheel. For details, refer to Map Vectorization.

2.2 Add Funnel

Add Funnel. For details, refer to Funnel.

2.3 Improve tooltip

Tooltip is changed to div display with clear font. Tooltip animation is re-designed. Support html tooltip.

2.4 Re-design combination chart

The combination chart supports multi-stacked column chart and 3D column chart. For details, refer to Stacked Combination Chart.

2.5 Time switch

Time switch function is added in chart scaling. For details, refer to Chart Scaling.

2.6 Improve stock chart

Stock chart supports change of display names (parameters like “High” and “Low”). For details, refer to Stock Chart.

2.7 Add tab function for map

he gis map supports tab. For details, refer to gis Map.

2.8 Over-long tab processing

The coordinate tab supports line feed to process over-long tab. For details, refer to Category Axis.

2.9 Improve effects

Re-design the marker type effect for line chart, area chart and radar map. Re-design the traction line for pie chart and bubble chart effect.

2.10 Scatter chart supports cell data source

Support cell data of scatter chart.

2.11 Animation improvement

The chart will automatically refresh and the animation will change to coherent chart in chart linkage.

2.12 Scale supports formula

Custom scale values of instrument panel and map support formula.

2.13 Chart interface opening

Open some chart js interfaces and support integration of charting libraries from third parties. For details, refer to Open Some Chart js Interfaces.

3. Designer

3.1 Flatten designer

Designer interface style is changed to flattening. For details, refer to Designer.

3.2 Designer, forum one-click login and latest messages

A login button is added in the designer for one-click login of FineReport Forum. In addition, latest product information will be pushed periodically to the designer. For details, refer to Designer and Forum One-click Login.

3.3 Control style flattening in Web side

V 8.0 beautifies the parameter interface, filling interface, toolbar button and control. Default to use new flattening effect. Or, you can start up original styles with plug-in. For details, refer to Decision-making System.

4. Platform

4.1 Main style of platform

This version regulates the platform style structure and designs plug-in type platform theme and color style system. Two well-designed themes and a series of colors are built-in to meet aesthetic demands from various customers.

5. Mobile side

5.1 Predefine paper size

When designing template for mobile phones, the customer has to debug repeatedly on the mobile phone after every template adjustment as he/she does not know the exact size. To solve this problem, V 8.0 adds mobile phone paper size for a quick design of mobile phone report. For details, refer to Predefine Paper Size in Mobile Side.

5.2 Add functions for Mobile Client

Add new functions for Mobile Client, like pull-to-refresh, left-to-right slide to exit, left-to-right slide to turn page, periodic push message to Mobile Client. For details, refer to New Functions for Mobile Client.

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