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FineReport 10.0

What’s New in FineReport 10.0 (Incomplete)

From FineReport Product Manager:

If we compare FineReport to a big tree, FineReport 9.0 makes this tree grow taller and grow more branches. We develop more scenes from the perspective of intelligence, sharing and cooperation, providing a broader imagination. Our FineReport 10.0 hopes that the root of this tree will be deeper and more stable. Therefore, we are working hard from the perspectives of security, large concurrency and high availability. We hope to make FR grow into a reliable reporting center which can support the complicated report business, and protect the security of enterprise report applications!

Here’s a look at what’s inside FineReport 10.0. Just remember there will be more features and capabilities added later in the preview. FineReport will have more to share on the FineReport 10.0 Release Day.

1. Platform

In the past two years, we have made a lot of efforts in the flattening of designers and large-screen visualization, but the platform has been forgotten in the corner. Therefore, we reconstruct the platform from the front to the back in FineReport 10.0. Of course, not only the visual interaction level is improved, but also the background function and stability will be greatly improved due to the background refactoring.

1.1. Look Better

The overall style of the platform is simple and modern, and the interaction is smooth and easy to use.

1.2. The System is More Stable

The log storage is out of the database, especially the built-in hsql, based on the cube engine developed by FanRuan. We have improved the efficiency of log access analysis, and which also effectively avoids the system being too slow or even down due to excessive log.

Supports a large number of users ( It can respond to 100,000+ user in seconds).

Configuration is separated from xml to ensure that there is no longer a loss of storage, especially such serious problems like the loss of authority when you modify and save the database.

1.3. More Powerful

User management – users can be disabled; synchronous data sets can add id.

Directory Management – Supports adding templates to the root directory; supports sorting template and directory at the same time.

Rights Management – Much more easy of use, including:

  • All configurations are WYSIWYG, the permission source can be viewed, and the permissions can be viewed and configured more conveniently;
  • Supports setting permissions directly to users;
  • Supports reuse of permissions;

2. Cluster

FineReport‘s cluster has gone through two phases—the container-dependent cluster and the self-developed master-slave cluster. However, as the importance of reporting system in the information system increases, the pressure increases too. Two clustering methods have exposed many problems. Because of that, FineReport10.0 has launched a new cluster. It has the following features, high consistency, high availability, powerful functions, and simple use. It protects the efficient and normal use of the customer system.

Features details:

2.1. High Consistency

All configuration and resource modifications via FineReport can be synchronized at all time.

2.2. High Availability (No Host)

Even if the node is down, the system can still be used normally.

2.3. Powerful

As the nodes increase the concurrent linear growth that can be supported, the load on each node is more balanced.

2.4. Easy to Use

The configuration is simple, and the cluster environment can be quickly configured.

The addition and deletion nodes support hot deployment.

Supports monitoring the running status of each node.

3. Security

The data is the oil for the 21st century. How to ensure the security of enterprise applications has risen to the point where it is necessary to face and solve it. Therefore, we focus on security in FineReport10.0, and improve application security from the perspective of patching vulnerabilities and proactive defense.

Features details:

3.1. Patching the Vulnerability

Fixes a series of known cve vulnerabilities.

3.2. Active Defense

Adds a series of security protection features such as cookie enhancement, file upload verification, Security Headers and access control.

It can reduce the threat of uploading malicious files, cross-site scripting and other attacks, alleviating cc attacks and crawler crawling, improving application security.

3.3. Other

Optimizes watermark function – Simplified setting interface, now you can set the font size. We have also solved the problem caused by unclear density.

Optimizes formulas and line breaks. You can display them transparently on the top, no longer occluded by content.

Optimizes printing and pdf export effects to make data more secure.

4. Designer

The designer is the most used tool for the information department personnel. Some problems have troubled us for a long time, such as 0kb after saving, the designer gets slower, slower to load and save, etc. FineReport10.0 refactors the template storage structure, realizes the mechanism of resource separation and storage, temporary file storage, etc.

At the same time, it reconstructs the underlying code of remote design and adopts RPC (Remote Procedure Call) technology instead of the original simple http request which guarantees the efficiency of communication between networks and reduces the error rate in data transmission.

Through the above technical guarantees, it can greatly reduce or even cure the problem of designer use that has been troubling us for a long time.

5. Other

5.1. Html Parsing

Using html in reports is a very common scenario, but there is no product on the market that can perfectly solve the html presentation, especially printing and exporting. FineReport 10.0 is committed to changing the status quo, and hopes to completely solve the problems that arise when HTML content is displayed and exported.

Function description:

When the cell is set to [display content in HTML], based on the original function, supports for all attributes, text subscripts and text styles of img tags, list tag and style tags are added;

Content will not be repeated when html content is paged, and it can be separated in the correct position; at the same time, the attribute settings of the cell can be supported when there it is html content.

5.2. Improves Adaptive Logic

When the page is reloaded, it no longer goes to the background to request calculation, but goes to the foreground, reducing the calculation and optimizing the experience, including dragging to browser window size, full screen operations, etc.

5.3. Deletes the Rollback Mechanism of Control Verification Error

The rollback mechanism of control verification error is canceled, and the replacement processing logic is: retaining the current editing content, that is, if the verification fails after the control is edited, the error message prompts and the control retains the currently edited content (new reporting only).

5.4. Multiple Actual Values of Controls Correspond to the Same Display Value

When configuring the data dictionary for the control, you may encounter multiple different actual values corresponding to the same display value. This situation was usually solved by modifying the original data.

This update optimizes the processing logic of the case where multiple actual values correspond to the same display value. When selecting values directly in the control, both the parameter query control and the reporting control support the actual value and the display value many-to-one.

5.5. The Body of the Email is Displayed in Html

When you preview the report content in the body of the email, the report content is displayed in HTML. It solves the problem that the report content in the email displayed in the image form is blurred, and the text does not support copying. to 10.0 Upgrade Tool

The smooth upgrade of large version is troublesome. Various configuration files, jar packages, etc. need to be considered compatible. It is often easy to make mistakes if you upgrade it manually which will also result in upgrade problems.

In order to help users to upgrade from 9.0 to 10.0 more smoothly, we provide a separate auxiliary upgrade program, which can upgrade the 9.0 web project to 10.0 project, including compatible upgrade of jar package, various configuration files, finedb data table, etc.

You don’t have to install the auxiliary upgrade tool, it is easy to use.

5.7. Public Cloud Registration

Adds a public cloud authorization mechanism, you do not have to provide machine physical information and you can go directly to FanRuan authentication server for online authentication which is convenient, fast, safe and reliable

5.8. Built-in Server is Changed From Jetty to Tomcat

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