We’re living in a world where data is proliferating, and the traditional way of storing and displaying data may cause you to lose your way. However, thanks to the improvement of information technology and the birth of the browser/server model, Web Reports appear with unprecedented advantages. This article will walk you through the definition and importance of web reports and provide practical solutions.

The importance and definition of Web reports
Main Features of Web-based Report

What is Web Report?

web report, or web-based report, is a kind of interactive record presented through the Web, say, using websites as new data transmission platforms. Additionally, it is often used as a part of embedded analytics that is integrated with other software applications to approach more flexible deployment. 

The main goal is to present information understandably and conveniently and remove geographical limitation by reporting online. Therefore, it is necessary to be compatible with most mainstream browsers in order to be more practical in actual use.

Report Display through browsers (by FineReport)
Report Display through browsers (by FineReport)

Why are Web Reports Advantageous?

Compared with regular reports, web reports are advanced in:

  • Muiti-person Collaboration
  • Remote editing
  • Interactive display
  • Compatibility
  • Real-Time Updating
one example for web dashboard
Web Dashboard (by FineReport)

1. Remove Limitations on End Users

The HTML report display ensures the presentation of tables and charts on the browsers. Also, it is worth noting that the browser here is not limited to the PC side.

What does it mean? For example, once you create a report or dashboard with the FineReport designer, you can achieve an adaptive display supporting multiple terminals such as PCs, tablets, mobile, and large screens.

Because FineReport is compatible and adaptable to multiple devices, users can access data without being restricted by time, location, and equipment.

Adaptive layout
Adaptive Layout for PCs, mobile, Tablets

2. Create an Interactive Query 

The web-based report display can make users’ online queries very convenient. As shown in the figure below, the parameter pane can support report developers to freely set filtering and query rules during the presentation.

Through self-service queries on the Web, users can perform various actions, such as chart analysis, retrospective analysis, multi-dimensional analysis, etc.

Add parameters to be more interactive
Parameter Panel for Query (by FineReport)

3. Web Portal as Shield for Authorization and Data Management

Furthermore, the web portal provides a safeguard for data management, access control, and automatic reporting in the enterprise.

As an example of a Decision-making Platform, with this report management system of FineReport, the administrators can perform authority assignments, security settings, template management, etc. The advantage of these settings is that some confidential documents are exclusive to authorized users, and ordinary users can only view specific reports after being granted access rights.

Web portal for report management
Decision-Making Platform

Software for Better Web Reports

FineReport is a web reporting tool developed by Java. It provides robust solutions for data integration, data visualization, analysis, data entry & query, and data management across the organization.

What’s more, FineReport embraces a so-called low-coding concept that allows users to quickly design and implement reports and dashboards through an Excel-like design interface and a drag-and-drop mode.

Excel-like interface
Excel-like Interface


Web reports can arguably be the next generation of innovative tools that provide end-users with extensive features without leaving the Web application. It also opens a window for the end-user to view the data saved in a specific software application.

FineReport, with various competitive edges, can be the top choice to deliver your insights from data. Interested in these stunning visual effects? Explore FineReport to start your stirring data adventure, and the personal version is free!

Feel free to make an appointment for a live demo with our product experts. We will be more clear about your needs and see how FineReport can help you and your organization transform data into value.

Visualization Widgets and Components
Dashboard Components and Widgets (by FineReport)

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