So far, over 600k people in the United States have been infected with COVID-19, and the growth rate has exceeded imagination, seriously affecting people’s daily lives. When China had effectively controlled the virus, no one expected that COVID-19 would spread throughout the world in the next month.

Everyone is now paying attention to the epidemic data of various places. To view the data we are concerned about more efficiently, of course, you have noticed the epidemic screens on various websites. This article will tell you how to make a dashboard of the world epidemic of various data.

How to Find the Data you Want?

We know that there are many data sources about the COVID-19 on the Internet, and some are databases that can be used immediately. For example, there are many data sources updated daily on Kaggle. For example, you can find here.

The official data that is also worth paying attention to is the data published by the WHO every day. It is the most authoritative and comprehensive data. If you cannot find the data you want, you can find it here.

You can download the database that can be used directly. About the data source you cannot directly use, we can use python or data crawling tools to solve the problem well.

Also, you can directly find the data and templates here shared by FineReport.

Download template & data

Data Cleaning is very Important!

Many people may not notice that data cleaning is such an important step. People often do not notice that the data needs to be processed to show the desired results when it comes to the step of data visualization. Then they go back to the step of processing data, which greatly reduces efficiency. 80% of the time for data analysis is used for data cleaning. If the logic between the data can be sorted out during the data cleaning stage, the efficiency of subsequent steps can be greatly improved.

In this dashboard tutorial, we need to confirm the data of each continent, but the existing data on the Internet are often data of each country, so at the stage of data processing, we need to make several corresponding tables and corresponds to the country to the continent. Link them by SQL, so that we only need to crawl the corresponding data of the country every day, no need to count the data of continents every day. For details, please refer to the following figure

Other data cleaning guidelines can refer to Data Cleaning Guide: Saving 80% of Your Time to Do Data Analysis.

Teach you how to make a dashboard step by step

1. Design layout

First, make clear the chart and layout we want to display.

For how to use appropriate charts to display data, you can refer to:

Regarding the layout, we use a more symmetrical layout here.

Through the card, we can display multiple maps and charts in turn in the middle. This can well solve the congestion problem if you want to show many charts and can be viewed in comparison.

2. Data connection

After designing the layout, we can start making our dashboard. First of all, we need to connect the data with FineReport. Here we have to mention that FineReport can support dozens of databases, which can meet the current public needs.

Then connect to the server via FineReport Designer and add a data connection and name is as CoronaVirus.

Here we have published the data source, you can get to use it if you are interested.

The data source is: jdbc: mysql: // 3306 / corona_virus

Username and password are: finereport

3. Design the dashboard as you like

FineReport can easily set the size and position of the chart according to your layout. It only takes three steps to complete it easily.

  1. Insert the chart you like
  2. Set the size and position
  3. Associating data with charts

When you have set up the data and charts, what you may not imagine is that FineReport can set the colors and animation effects according to the combination you want. The map visualization that you care about most, we support maps of almost the whole world and are built into the designer.

Download template

After the final adjustment, we can get this dashboard. On the left, we can learn the countries with the most infections through the bar graph and bubble chart. The line charts for trend at the bottom can see the increase in the number of diagnoses and deaths in the world. The scroll list on the right can see the data details of each country.

Through the card, you can adjust and choose to view the middle map. Pay special attention to this rose chart. The indexed data can make the data better displayed.

Specific tutorials can refer to How to Make a COVID-19 Rose Chart?


Although the epidemic will not end in the short term, there is much more we can do. Wear a mask when you go out, and try to stay at home with fewer people. Enterprises need to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control. How to use comprehensive, effective and timely data and visualization technology to accurately sense the epidemic situation, provide a macro data basis for decision-makers and managers, save decision time, and make data visualization become managers‘helper to races against time is the key to winning the “war”.

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