Living in a digital era, foresighted enterprises resort to business intelligence to improve their competitiveness. Among amounts of intelligent choices, business intelligence(BI) dashboard software is an awesome choice.

BI dashboard software definition

Business intelligence dashboard is a common module that general business intelligence has to realize data visualization. Be more specific, it is a data virtualization tool that shows the status of measurement information and key business indicators (KPI) to enterprises.

Business intelligence dashboard software collects dashboards from different ranges of commercial fields. Therefore, BI dashboard software could commonly provide dashboards of sales, cost, supply chain and other aspects. It is easy and convenient to use BI dashboard software, better analyzing past performance and predicting the future of the company.

Sales analysis dashboard(by FineReport)
Sales analysis dashboard(by FineReport)

Benefits of BI dashboard software 

Many companies are reaching BI dashboard for common reasons, such as looking for more advanced and flexible BI technology. With BI dashboard software, companies could use its benefits to realize business improvement. The benefits of BI dashboard software are as follows:

  • Speed: With the aid of BI dashboard software, there is no need to wait days for an answer to business-related questions.
  • Real-time access to data and accuracy: Through real-time access to data, it’s certain to have accurate data in analysis, planning, decision-making to take advantage in industry competition.
  • Data visualization: BI dashboard software transforms numbers and words into charts and tables. Therefore, it’s more intuitive and convenient for staff to get information with the lowest time cost. Moreover, key metrics become to have increased visibility.
  • Customizable reports: BI dashboard software not only offer amounts of dashboards, but also provides dashboard solutions to make less-technical staff to build powerful reports to meet their needs.
an interface of cost analysis of Fanruan’s BI dashboard software FineReport
Cost analysis (by FineReport)

BI dashboard software comparison

Here I will briefly introduce you several top BI dashboard software in the industry. You can refer to my another article on open source business intelligence tools to get more information.


FineReport is arguably one of the best BI dashboard software. Enterprises and institutions are the end users of FineReport, which can simply apply multi-business data and centralize data into a single report to form dashboards. Furthermore, these dashboards will be used in business analysis and business control.

FineReport is fully functional and professional. At the same time, software use is simple and efficient, and the learning cost is low. Moreover, its industry accumulation is rich.

For example, let’s see how FineReport apply to financial analysis and financial strategic decision-making.

The demo is built-in with the designer, download FineReport and experience how to develop a dashboard in 10 minutes!

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an interface of financial performance dashboard of Fanruan’s BI dashboard software FineReport
Financial performance dashboard (by FineReport)

The financial performance dashboard gives you an overview of how efficiently you spend your capital and the main metrics on your balance sheet. For instance, the normal range of return on assets is between 7.5% and 13%. Managers can compare the data in a real-time manner thus decide where to go next.

With FineReport, you can use multiple templates to quickly develop a dashboard. What’s more, you can customize the dashboard as FineReport also provides various visualization widgets. See the following example, the dashboard made by FineReport can be cool, dynamic, and interactive. It’s easy for anyone because of FineReport’s drag-and-drop and Excel-like interface.

Project management dashnoard template
Dynamic Dashboard (made by FineReport)


For personal use, FineReport is free without time or feature limits. For enterprises, it offers a quote-based plan that charges according to different situations. In a word, FineReport is price-friendly to all customers.

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FineBI is a modern big data analytics & BI software designed for everyone who has need of data analysis. Everyone of any level can use FineBI to easily establish professional BI dashboards, perform self-service data analysis, gain useful insights and thus drive your business forward.

Through simple operations like drag-and-drop, you can create professional dashboards without difficulty!

It only takes you 4 steps to complete the sales manager real-time dashboard below:

And then you can quickly analyze the sales data and make decisions to direct the whole team.

The demo is built-in with the designer, download FineBI and experience how to develop a professional dashboard within only 10 minutes!

FineBI also supports various types of charts, graph, and visualization widgets. You can easily create cool, dynamic, and interactive dashboards to help you with your data analysis tour!


Same as FineReport, FineBI is free without time or feature limits for personal use. For enterprises, it offers a quote-based plan that charges according to different situations. FineBI is price-friendly to all customers.

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Finereport and FineBI are both data analysis tools under FanRuan Software Co., Ltd. A great number of enterprises choose to employ Finereport and FineBI at the same time. Through the perfect combination and complementarity of Finereport and FineBI, it is way more easier to meet enterprises’ needs of complex reports and real-time data analysis.

The differences between Finereport and FineBI are as follows:

Differences between Finereport and FineBI

If you want know more about the differences between Finereport and FineBI, you can refer to the article: Difference between Finereport and FineBI .

If you want to know more about FineBI and how Finereport and/or FineBI can best suit your needs, you can click the button below and talk to our professional team to get your personalized plan!

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Power BI is a set of business intelligence dashboard software used to provide insights in an organization. The software can dig into hundreds of data sources to simplify data preparation and provide instant analysis. Users can create personalized dashboards to get a full range of unique insights into their business. And through this software, expansion can be achieved within the enterprise, with built-in management and security.


There are three types of Power BI user personal licenses: Free, Pro, and Premium Per User. Users with a free license can only use the Power BI service to connect to data and create reports and dashboards in My Workspace. They cannot share content with others or publish content to other workspaces. As for Pro and Premium Per User, Power BI costs for $9.99/user/month,which is suitable for a small budget.

an interface of Power BI dashboard of Power BI
Power BI dashboard (by Power BI)


Software introduction:Tableau provides a BI dashboard software in pursuit of the vision of helping people view and fully utilize data. Tableau’s patented underlying technology, VizQL, transforms drag and drop operations into data queries through an intuitive interface for visualized presentation of data. Tableau can create beautiful graphics and charts, which could be made within a short time, and all you need to do is to drag and drop large amounts of data onto digital “canvases”.


The price is based on the number of users, but the price is around US$100 per year. Considering that the cost of a license is quite high for most small to medium companies, Tableau is primary the choice of large enterprises. At the same time, although the software provides a free trial period, the free trial period is only 14 days.

 an interface of expenses-employee analysis dashboard of Tableau
Expenses-Employee analysis (by Tableau)


Make data become productivity! Let data be intuitive and visible! Make business analysis and decision-making easier! Choose proper BI dashboard software to achieve above slogans. FineReport and FineBI will be your right choice. Click the button to contact us and get your personalized plan!

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