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Tired of Making Various Excel Reports Every Day? Now Free Yourself from Repetitive Work!

If you need to do routine table records, data calculations and chart analysis in your daily work, you will definitely use Excel to make reports. But when it comes to business reports for corporate management, huge and complex data analysis, financial analysis, data entry, etc, Excel is far from being able to meet these needs.

Crystal Report: Alternatif dan Perbandingannya Dengan FineReport

Ada 2 jenis software yang dapat menggantikan Crystal Report. Yang pertama adalah software pembuat laporan profesional yaitu FineReport dan Jasper Report yang unggul dalam banyaknya gaya laporan, beragam variasi grafik dan fungsi pencetakannya. Yang kedua adalah software BI seperti Tableau dan PowerBI. Dibandingkan dengan software serupa lainnya, software-software ini dapat memperkirakan data karena teknologi analisis OLAP dan data mining-nya.

6 Steps to Make Successful Marketing Decisions with Data Analysis

From the perspective of data analysis, this article makes a modular analysis of the marketing decision, including six steps: indicator decomposition, management cockpit, marketing KPI system, dealer and store management, competing product analysis and predictive analysis, which has a good guiding significance for the planning and construction of marketing work.

How to build enterprise financial analysis platform and models?

An analysis system that can successfully operate and bring benefits often requires a series of links such as master data management, data warehouse construction, analysis platform, and indicator combing. What kind of financial problem do you want to solve? What’s your expectations and what data do you have now? What do you have to do step by step?

Using North Star Metrics to display your key information on a large screen

From this article,you may be able to understand “north star metrics selection” idea. The core is to determine the main map – select the north star metrics – according to the association, causal relationship dismantling metrics, similar to the “Pyramid principle.” In this way, the train of thought is very clear and even large screen projects can see clearly such a way of thinking.

Announcing the new cluster—the most stable way to improve your reporting system

With the improvement of the status of the reporting system in the enterprise information system,the pressure of which has also increased. For enterprises with large data volume, high user volume and high concurrency, how to make the reporting system stable under high-pressure environment and ensure the security and availability of the system has become a problem that enterprises have to consider. However,clusters are a good way to solve these problems.

Data Visualization Using FineReport

In the second half of last year, FanRuan held a four-month plug-in development contest with a total prize pool of 300,000. It attracted more than 2,000 participants from all over the country to sign up, and a large number of very beautiful plug-ins emerged.After testing, it will also be launched on the FanRuan market (application center), which can be widely used in the report product FineReport!Today I will show you some beautiful plugins.

Fanruan held a new product release conference, FineReport 10.0+FineBI5.0 released

On October 12, 2018, the “2018 Fanruan New Product Launch Conference and User Experience Day” kicked off in Shanghai. This event brought together nearly 800 enterprise IT technicians and data peers from all walks of life to gather together. With the theme of “FINE DAY”, the conference focused on the development direction of current big data. The main agenda of this conference is divided into three parts: first, the new product launch conference of FineReport 10.0 and FineBI 5.0, followed by the user’s benchmark speech and exhibition area exchange. Experience and so on.

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