Are You Still Wasting Time on Repetitive Work?

How many time do you spend on repetition work like data entry?

A survey on 21st Jan 2020, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Automation Anywhere, found that data entry is the most hated of tasks, and workers are wasting more than 40% of their day on manual data tasks. What about you?

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Since the spreadsheet was born in the office, repetitive data entry has become an inevitable problem for every employee. I believe that almost all employees will not resist the convenience brought by the automated digital office, but how to achieve it?

You need automated reporting tools to help you skip these repetition work and improve your efficiency.

Convenient and Automatic Data Entry

Let’s start with the data entry that everyone hates the most. How to achieve data entry anytime, anywhere, and effectively verify the accuracy of the data entered to prevent the generation of dirty data, which will affect the efficiency of subsequent data analysis.

As an automated reporting tool, FineReport’s data entry function supports a variety of data controls to help standardize the format of the entered data. When submitting data, you can verify whether the entered data conforms to the standard according to the preset data specifications.

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At the same time, FineReport also supports the mobile terminal to fill in the report, so that data entry is no longer limited to the office. Going out for time and attendance, factory fault reports, and remote work survey, all become easier.

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Wanna see how to use FineMobile to realize higher value? You can see the detailed functions here.

We have also launched some well-established mobile applications. For example, the intelligent time and attendance system, if you are interested, you can refer to How to Track Employee Attendance Automatically?

If you want to experience the feeling of putting the report in your pocket, view the report anytime, anywhere. FineMobile is a very good choice. It can perfectly fit the report made by FineReport, without the problem of disordered format, and also supports functions such as query and drill-down. Data viewing and data analysis can be easily completed on the mobile phone.

Automated Workflow

Daily, weekly, and monthly reports in work are a common method used by everyone to communicate work. But does this really improve your work efficiency? Do you spend a lot of time on statistics and writing emails?

FineReport’s fixed-time scheduling function can help you solve this problem. In the decision-making platform, you can set up to send reports regularly, automatically calculate report data, and support email sending. In this way, the work report becomes automated.

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In your work, will you encounter the problem of a long accounting process and serious delay? This is due to the problems in the approval or personnel communication of each node of the process, resulting in low efficiency. With FineReport, you can design the permissions of different personnel through the decision-making platform, and the files will be automatically circulated at each node. According to the different permissions, the approval content of different levels of personnel is also different. This can largely improve efficiency and prevent problems caused by errors in process approval authority.

Dynamic Report: Win Your Boss Favor

If you are still using Excel for reporting, of course, I am not saying that Excel is a useless tool. However, you have the right to choose an automated reporting tool! Excel’s processing speed for large amounts of data is simply crashing, right?

Whether it is visualization reporting software or a data visualization tool, FineReport is very good. As a visualization tool, it supports 19+ categories, 50+ styles of charts, and at the same time, a variety of visualization plug-ins (such as 3D Earth) can meet almost all your needs.

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As a reporting tool, it supports parameter query, drill-down of report data… You can’t imagine that ordinary charts with vivid interactive effects, which will make boring data come back to life! You can even design a cool decision-making dashboard through FineReport so that all key data can be seen at a glance, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time to find dozens of reports.

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If you are still worried about repetitive work, always spend a lot of time every day doing some low-value work. It’s time to change, a useful automated reporting tool is like a robot that helps you deal with repetitive tasks and improve work efficiency while eliminating the time spent on invalid communication. You will have more time to do more valuable work and win the praise of your boss.

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