Q: What is FineReport, and what is for?

FineReport is a leading reporting software that satisfies enterprises' reporting needs.

A major advantage of FineReport is to improve the efficiency of report development. With its flexibility and profession, it's easy to learn and use FineReport. FineReport provides a full range of reporting features and ensures the development and maintenance of reports at lower costs.

FineReport allows users to develop reports and dashboards in a low code manner with simple drag and drop. The intuitive excel-like designer provides you an innovative environment to realize data entry, integration, visualization, analysis, and query with low code.

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Q: Who needs FineReport?

For software companies,the focus of FineReport is to solve various problems that arise in the process of developing reports with code and open source software, thereby reducing project costs.

For enterprise users,FineReport provides a complete enterprise data solution, including data integration, data collection and modeling, and data display. All these enable managers enabling managers to obtain effective information accurately and in a timely manner to make scientific decisions.

Q: What is the product architecture of FineReport?

FineReport embeds a designer for parsing templates.

FineReport Designer is used to dealing with the elements in reports and dashboards, including datasets, charts, widgets, forms, etc. It is an integrated platform for the report and dashboard design.

The report server is in the form of a servlet and is used to parse reports on the web. After parsing the reports, report users can view and interact with the report through a browser.

Q: What are the main features of FineReport?

The features of FineReport can be divided into 3 main parts: data integration, report design, and data visualization.

- Data integration:FineReport supports mainstream databases.Users can combine data from multiple data sources(usually in different enterprise systems) into one report and use these data for comprehensive analysis.

- Innovative report designer:If the developer is familiar with Excel operations and has a basic understanding of SQL statements, it will be a cinch to create various enterprise-level reports.

- Data visualization: Data can be displayed by a number of self-developed 2D and 3D charts. Due to the adaptive attribute, you can view and interact with these charts on either PCs or mobile devices. You can also create connections to third-party chart libraries such as Echarts, or make use of novel diagrams developed based on WebGL.

Other features:

Q: How to install FineReport?

Step 1:Activation. Visit https://www.finereport.com/en/activation , finish the registration in just 1 minute, and get an activation code for free.

Step 2:Download and Installation. When you see the activation code, the download process of the installation package will start automatically afterward.

1. Download

Click to open the downloaded file.

2. Install

Follow prompts to install FineReport

3. Activate

Open FineReport, paste the activation code

Q: How to get the activation code of FineReport for free?

Click on https://www.finereport.com/en/activation and finish the registration form in 1 minute. Afterward, you will get a free activation code immediately.

Q: How to buy FineReport?

Please visit FineReport Pricing to obtain a quotation plan. You can also directly communicate your needs with our sales representatives, and then we will recommend the function package as well as a quotation plan that best meets your needs.

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Q: What is FineReport, and what is for?

FineReport offers both free and commercial versions by taking into consideration the different needs of customers.

If the concurrent number of report users is no more than 2, the free version can meet all your basic needs. You are welcome to try it for free.

Free Trial

If you are looking for more customized services, you can consult about the pricing policy of the FineReport commercial version, which is very flexible, and the charges are based on your needs on features, customization, and deployment. You can visit FineReport Pricing to get your quotation plan

Q: What is the difference between the free version and the commercial version?

The FineReport software downloaded from our official website (https://www.finereport.com/en) is a free version. In order to facilitate users to try and take advantage of the FineReport, the free version includes all functions and has no limit on trial time. Still, the maximum number of concurrent connections should not exceed 2.

Q: What kind of services can I get after purchasing FineReport?

We have established a well-rounded and timely service system to provide customers with after-sales service, training, and technical support, which are complete and effective.

- Email: support@fanruan.com

- Technical Support: Start a Chat

- Training Support: https://community.finereport.com/Learning/clip.php

- Community: https://community.finereport.com/

Q: Are there any FineReport learning materials?
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