The novel coronavirus (now officially named COVID-19), first discovered in the city of Wuhan, China has infected over 59,000 Chinese citizens and killed more than 1,000 in the past six weeks.

In addition to speeding up a virus vaccine research and strengthening personnel mobility management, the timely collection, transmission, and management of personnel information have also become a vital part of this battle against the virus. There are huge challenges in all aspects of society: resumption of business and school, hospital treatment, community management…

To this end, I’ve used the knowledge of data visualization to design dashboard templates for five scenarios, hoping to help relevant organizations or enterprises effectively monitor the epidemic situation and carry out prevention and control work.

Now, let me show you these different types of dashboards and explain what data visualization can help in the battle against the coronavirus.

1. Real-time monitoring of the coronavirus outbreak

The data on the outbreak is constantly updated. We may need to find various news or information channels to get the latest data. At this time, a real-time monitoring dashboard can integrate the most comprehensive outbreak analysis and update the data in real-time for everyone to consult.

1.1 Coronavirus outbreak analysis dashboard

This dashboard integrates the core data and visually shows the confirmed, suspected, death and cured cases of the novel coronavirus. It analyzes the distribution of infections from the regional dimension and analyzes the infection trends from the time dimension. Also, the map on the dashboard can be drilled down from province to city. There is also a section showing rumors and truths about the virus.

The tool I use to make all these dashboards is the BI reporting & dashboard software FineReport. This tool was developed by the data institute I work for. It’s free for individual use. You can download it to practice making reports and dashboards.

These dashboards are mainly designed to analyze the situation of the coronavirus outbreak in China and to contribute to the prevention and control work. So all the text on the original dashboards is Chinese. To make it easier for everyone to understand, I used the Google Translate function on the webpage to translate Chinese into English, but there may be some errors.

1.2 Population migration analysis dashboard

The outbreak coincided with China’s most important holiday period, the Spring Festival. The government has extended the holidays, but the whole society still needs to put into production. China expects around 160 million employees to return to their workplaces in the next week. Actions must be taken to reduce the risk of transmission in the huge mobilization of people. So we need a dashboard that analyzes the population migration over the nation. The dashboard below provides daily data analysis of migration in and out across the country and trends of migration in and out of each region to help everyone understand the risk situation of their current location or target area.

2. Enterprise resumption management

2.1 Telecommuting analysis dashboard

In the situation of delayed rework in various places, many Chinese enterprises have chosen to let employees telecommute at home. At this time, they may need a telecommuting analysis dashboard to improve work efficiency during the coronavirus outbreak and know about staff attendance.

2.2 Employee travel statistics dashboard

Employees can’t avoid contacting more people when they return from their hometown to workplaces. For the sake of being responsible for themselves and their colleagues, the travel situation of employees during the Spring Festival needs to be open and transparent, so that potential hidden dangers can be found in time to ensure the absolute safety of the company’s working environment.

2.3 Mobile data entry template — employee information

To better collect information, I have also made some mobile data entry templates. Employees can click the link to fill in the report at any time on the mobile phone (or PC). The information will be immediately entered into the database and connected to the dashboards mentioned above. The data is thus displayed in real-time.

All the mobile data entry templates in this article were also made with the data visualization tool FineReport.

3. Hospital management

3.1 Medical supplies monitoring dashboard

Due to the virus, medical supplies such as masks and alcohol have become hard currency for a while. For hospitals and some other enterprises, the opaque information of material sources and receipts will also cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Therefore, a medical supplies monitoring dashboard will be very helpful for real-time monitoring of the current material inventory and receiving details.

3.2 Hospital outbreak monitoring dashboard

The hospital needs more detailed epidemic monitoring than the country or cities. So I designed the hospital outbreak monitoring dashboard, based on the real-time data reported in the hospital to show the situation of the hospital. It comprehensively analyzes the distribution of each department, each symptom, and trends in the number of patients at different levels.

3.3 Prevention and control situation analysis dashboard

Comprehensively analyze the prevention and control work of the hospital on the coronavirus outbreak from the dimensions of confirmed cases distribution, epidemic trends, and risk monitoring.

3.4 Mobile data entry template — hospital information

Mobile data entry provides the data basis for the above dashboards. Also, everyone can fill in the report at any time on their mobile phones. This form of non-face-to-face information collection greatly improves the safety of hospitals with dangerous environments.

4. School management

4.1 Back-to-school students analysis dashboard

Although many schools have delayed the start of the school, some students still return to their school in advance, and this number will increase over time. It is urgent to analyze the information of students that have returned.

4.2 Student health monitoring dashboard

With the increasing sharing of educational resources, the situation of school students coming from different regions is not limited to universities, so students in school are more likely to contact people in different regions. Daily monitoring of students’ health can not be ignored.

5. Community management

5.1 Community access analysis dashboard

The community, as the most closely-connected group in the live scene, the potential risks of people entering and leaving the community also affect the people who live in the community. Especially for the elderly population vulnerable to the novel coronavirus, there won’t be much contact in enterprises and schools, but the situation of community epidemic prevention and control has a direct impact.

5.2 Mobile data entry template — community information

The following is an entry and exit registration form. Mobile data entry can minimize the chance of contact with strangers, reduce infection, and effectively collect information while ensuring safety.

In the end

The collection, processing and real-time display of coronavirus outbreak information is an important part of the prevention and control work of the society. Data visualization helps us to make quick decisions based on real-time conditions and avoid the risk of loss caused by lagging information. I believe that with scientific prevention and control measures, we will be able to defeat the coronavirus as soon as possible!

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