As a project manager, you may often face questions such as “How is our project progressing? What will happen next?” Companies always pay attention to whether they can deliver products before the deadline. Project dashboard, also known as project management dashboard, is one kind of digital dashboard, helps show the current project progress like a car dashboard and provide feedback to the team.

What is a project dashboard?

As mentioned above, project dashboard is similar to the car dashboard. It provides overview data and indicators about the current status of the project, aggregates data from all important projects, and combines these data into one interface. Both the project manager and the team can obtain the necessary information at a glance. Therefore, the project dashboard can actually be accounted as a dashboard monitoring tool.

The car dashboard tracks the same key indicators of different vehicles. Unlike car dashboards, project management dashboards are more flexible and can track indicators based on projects, teams and needs. After all, the purpose of the dashboard is to allow us to better manage and control the project.

a picture showing reality use of dashboard
reality use of dashboard 

Project dashboards assist you in these ways

Project dashboards provides all-round monitoring and insights into the project, which can help project managers to more effectively measure the triple constraints of scope, budget, and time. Compared with a project management report, it delivers information in a more straightforward manner. The assistance specifically shows in the following aspects:

  • The dashboard uses data visualization to track key project indicators. It provides meaningful references for the team and helps the team generate actionable insights, transforming the acquired information into actions.
  • The dashboard uses real-time data to track the project in real time. What’s more, it uses easy-to-read charts to monitor tasks, costs and the team, helping the team find problems and keep the project on schedule.
  • Project dashboards make project management easier and more efficient because they present continuous performance data at a glance. When visitors use the dashboard to view progress, health and forecasts of the project, visitors can view more accurate data more conveniently and efficiently.
clear and dynamic dashboard interface of FineReport
dashboard interface of FineReport
  • The dashboard is not only for project managers, but for all relevant staff, including every team member and decision maker. These managers and staff can view the status of the project at the same time indiscriminately, thereby improving communication between teams and individuals.
  • The key data of the dashboard can provide strong support and make the key decisions made by decision makers more acceptable by providing persuasive visual evidence.

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Representative project dashboard software

FineReport is a representative business intelligence tool on the market that provides project dashboards. You can easily create various charts and dashboards in conjunction with the report function of FineReport. Moreover, FineReport is price-friendly, and you can click “pricing” to learn more. FineReport also provides a fully functional free version, and you are welcome to use it!

Project command room dashboard

an interface of project command room dashboard of FineReport
project command room dashboard (by FineReport)

The project command room dashboard is the representative dashboard to track project process. The dashboard starts with project description, then measure the health status of the project combined with task indicators and previous set goals using different methods such as quality analysis.

Manufacturing command room dashboard

an interface of manufacturing command room dashboard of FineReport
manufacturing command room dashboard (by FineReport)

Manufacturing command room dashboard could be seen as the project dashboard targeted to enterprises’ manufacturing. The dashboard helps to measure teams’ or workshops’ ability through ability indicators such as production process. Therefore, it helps the company to form forecasts whether the project can be delivered before the due.

The following two are just few of FineReport’s dashboards. If you’re interested, you are welcome to make an appointment to contact FineReport for more project dashboards.

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Practice of project dashboard

Chinajey is a comprehensive service provider that takes its own industrial Internet platform as its core, aiming to help small and micro enterprises realize digital transformation and lead the construction of digital ecology. Chinajey continues to explore the digital transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. In the process of transformation, FineReport plays a role that cannot be ignored.

project form of Chinajey by FineReport
Project Form(by FineReport)

FineReport’s help to Chinajey is reflected in project management. Chinajey first uses FineReport’s reporting tool project form to fill in project-related information. The information that has been filled in can be modified according to the actual situation to realize real-time update. After filling in the project information, Chinajey uses FineReport’s project management dashboard to manage and monitor the project in real time. The information on the dashboard helps companies compare project progress and goals, and make adjustments based on actual conditions.

an interface of project management dashboard
project management dashboard

“Good tools are even more powerful for companies. Good tools combined with excellent business management ideas can make the company completely reborn, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and achieve the best resource matching and integration.”



  • Project dashboard provides overview data and indicators about the current status of the project.
  • Project management dashboards are more flexible and can track indicators based on projects, teams and needs.
  • Project dashboard assists you in various ways.
  • FineReport is representative dashboard software and embedded with various dashboard templates.
  • With the help of FineReport, Chinajey achieves successful digital transformation.

Project dashboard works as a car dashboard to drive you achieve business success. As a representative dashboard software, FineReport can be your great driver. Download and use FineReport now!

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