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6 Data Analysis Methods to Help You Make Great Financial Statements

In the financial statements, compared to traditional dense tables, charts can visualize the data and display the data more intuitively, making the comparison, trend and structure of the data clear at a glance. This article analyzes the types of charts in financial statements from summary data analysis, development trend analysis, data comparison analysis, composition analysis, progress analysis, and map analysis.

6 Steps to Make Successful Marketing Decisions with Data Analysis

From the perspective of data analysis, this article makes a modular analysis of the marketing decision, including six steps: indicator decomposition, management cockpit, marketing KPI system, dealer and store management, competing product analysis and predictive analysis, which has a good guiding significance for the planning and construction of marketing work.

4 Principles to Choose the Perfect Color Combination for Your Data Visualization

This article tells you 4 principles to pick the perfect color combination for your data visualization. The color scheme sets the tone of anything that you’ve created and each color serves to represent a unique piece of information. And FineReport has built in a lot of beautiful color schemes to allow users to choose.

How to build enterprise financial analysis platform and models?

An analysis system that can successfully operate and bring benefits often requires a series of links such as master data management, data warehouse construction, analysis platform, and indicator combing. What kind of financial problem do you want to solve? What’s your expectations and what data do you have now? What do you have to do step by step?

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