Modern enterprise business intelligence (BI) tools and practices enable quick decision making. Indeed, Early action on insights allows businesses to identify internal trends and improve inefficiencies. Dashboards and visualizations are the primary user interfaces of many tools and platforms.  Furthermore, It is important to note that the advantages of business intelligence vary by industry and application. Businesses can reap the rewards of business intelligence (BI) in various ways.

What is enterprise business intelligence?


Business intelligence is the collection, storage, and analysis of data from firm activities to create a holistic perspective of a business. In any case, enterprise BI increases productivity and efficiency. That is to say, enterprise business intelligence tools are the implementation of BI across an organization. Enterprise BI typically functions by combining enterprise data warehouse and enterprise license to a BI platform or toolset that business users in various roles can use.

Enterprise BI vs. Self-service BI

Enterprise BI platforms are centrally managed, typically by shared services or IT departments. Usually, enterprise BI incorporates relatively rigid, well-structured data models on data warehouses or data marts. As a matter of fact, Users can access via zero-footprint, browser-based tools in a governed manner. The data sources are enterprise-class and monolithic, requiring long read times and IT engagement to adjust to changes in business requirements. The data is managed, secure and tested for accuracy. Additionally, Enterprise BI tools also support large scale deployments of thousands of users and high-volume, automated delivery of standardized reports. Moreover, dashboards use auditable, trusted, and consistent definitions of data. Whereas users manage, produce and orient at the department level through. Users and analysts can become more involved in their own data analysis with the help of self-service BI. Learn more about Self-service BI.

Enterprise BI dashboard by FineReport
Enterprise BI dashboard by FineReport

Enterprise BI solution

Enterprise business intelligence offers a comprehensive picture of the company’s operations. Namely, integrating data analytics, dashboards, and reporting functions into an organization’s existing software applications. As a result, enterprise BI can reduce end-user resistance. In addition, it shortens the learning curve for new staff members, making it easier to get started.

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Enterprise BI architecture

To make better decisions, organizations should build an enterprise business intelligence architecture. A solid architecture helps structure improving business intelligence and implement the strategy efficiently. BI architecture frequently includes structured and unstructured data. This data is derived from internal and external sources and transformed into logical information.

Enterprise BI tools

There is a wide variety of enterprise BI solutions, including Tableau and Power BI, among many others. The software FineReport, which I’d like to introduce today, is renowned for its simplicity, flexibility, and professionalism.


Using FineReport’s designer, you can apply these templates to your reports.

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Easy to use

Anyone familiar with Excel operation and an essential understanding of simple code can easily design various enterprise BI reports. The development of enterprise reports does not necessitate the knowledge of Java, PHP, or any other complex programming language. As a result, compared to other report tools and writing code to make reports, it dramatically reduces the cost of learning. In addition, FineReport improves the efficiency of report making for IT personnel. Traditional report development takes weeks or even months. Still, with FineReport, a report can be created in 1 to 2 hours once the data has been set up. In addition, the dashboard is a drag-and-drop canvas interface that is simple to learn, streamlining the development process.

create new dashboard with enterprise BI tool–FineReport
create a new dashboard with enterprise BI tool–FineReport

Business data-driven decision-making platform

FineReport’s decision report design mode allows for a flexible layout. Reports can be generated for multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and large-screen televisions. In addition to enhancing template development speed, this method reduces the time spent on maintenance. For example, when making a large screen or cockpit, you can use the entire module of an existing demo. In addition, it’s possible to repurpose multiple components with FRM,  allowing you to copy and paste various elements simultaneously.

Enterprise BI decision system
Enterprise BI decision system

Moreover, FRM allows you to shrink multiple components at once while keeping their proportions and relative positions. The most effective way for administrators to ensure data and information security is to manage user rights.  It can also integrate single sign-on with various portal platforms such as OA to ensure data security.  It’s possible to grant access to a department, a role, or an individual user. What’s more, on mobile devices, device binding is also an option for data security. Apart from that, FineReport allows data to transfer through the database so that different people can view different data contents. In addition, Asynchronous data sets allow users of FineReport to configure permissions using data from other platforms such as OA.

Original data entry

The data entry function in FineReport, as a robust enterprise BI tool, is very flexible and can process data and report structure. In addition, it allows the built-in rich fill controls to achieve a wide range of fill editor styles. These controls include text fields, number fields, calendar fields, date and time pickers, and drop-down boxes. Moreover, They can also be used together to pull down the control tree.

Enterprise BI data entry
Enterprise BI data entry

As a result, illegal data entry and input data error rates are reduced. In addition, before being sent to the warehouse, sensitive data will be verified and approved. FineReport’s report function includes an easy-to-use approval process. Reporting modes include simple data, joint entry and step-by-step distribution.

FineReport allows you to import data from Excel files online, making it even more convenient for businesses. Unapproved data sent to the warehouse is risky for enterprises. Secondary checks are challenging, so the superior department must process, verify, and approve. The report function and approval process design function both meet this requirement. Simple data reporting, joint entry, and step-by-step distribution are available.

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Powerful data visualization

There are numerous chart options available in FineReport that report designers can adapt to produce a wide range of visual representations. Particularly, FineReport can use a wide range of chart types, including those developed by Fanruan, E-charts, and other third-party controls. It can also use new WebGL-based charts to meet users’ visual needs.

Enterprise BI data visualization dashboard
Enterprise BI data visualization dashboard

Enterprise BI-FineReport dashboard
Enterprise BI-FineReport dashboard


In a word, the trends in BI are continually changing. FineReport, a premier business intelligence program, depicts the future development and trends in the industry. If you’re seeking a means to take control of your business future, why not check out FineReport? Streamline corporate analysis and decision-making by using this tool. A good BI dashboard software will help you reach your goals.

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