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FineReport 10.0.13

Enhanced user experience in data visualization, dashboard making, mobile BI and even more.

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More Enriched Visual Charts

  • Box Plot is included for visualized analysis.
  • Nontraditional charts for more data visualization scenarios.
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Faster Dashboard Design

  • Pre-designed components are built-in (e.g. KPI cards): a good looking dashboard can be created within 30 minutes after finetuning data and styles of the components.
  • Color scheme of business styles are added for industries including Manufacturing, Finance, Transportation Logistics, etc.
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Improved Mobile BI Solution

  • Now you can download files via mobile devices: FineReport APP enables you to download PDF, World, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Export reports to the form of Excel and PDF are now possible.
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More Options of Plugins

  • Plugin Manager: make it more convenient to manage local and server plugins-no longer need to restart after installation or update.
  • Plugin Market: rich plugins which you can try out for free. Greatly extend the functionality of designer, decision-making platform and mobile.
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More Features

Easier to Manage Templates

Introduce Component Event Management. You can manage all JavaScript events in one panel

Faster to Retrieve Password

If forget the password of decision-making platform, you can retrieve it via email.

Stronger Guarantee for Account Safety

To ensure the security of password during remote design, passwords are displayed as 8-digits, preventing brute force attack.

Better Support of Excel

Excel can be used as the data source of designer and decision-making platform.

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