How to Make Reports Outstanding?

In the era of data driving the decision, the importance of reporting and analytics is increasingly recognized by organizations. Two things can help you be a great report maker. The first is clear design thinking, and the second is efficient report writing software.

Here I list 5 top report maker software. Some are Saas Reporting software and some are on-promise software, and most of them provide a free version for trial or for personal use.

Report Maker Tool List

1 FineReport

FineReport is a report-making software designed for enterprises to deal with the needs for various, frequent, or complex reports. It has been recognized in the Honorable Mention of the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

The low-code mode and excel-like interface are friendly for both non-technical users and report developers. The basic features such as database support, scheduling, exporting, data security can satisfy the most fast-changing business needs.

Compared to other report makers the striking feature of FineReport is data entry that supports the transmission of data back to the database via online forms. Therefore, the time and workload for companies to collect data from different branches or departments can be significantly reduced.

Report Maker Interface
Best Report Maker-FineReport

In addition, FineReport also provides a rich API for customization and integration with other applications. Therefore, it supports flexibly and seamlessly integrate with third-party systems such as CRM, OA, and ERP.

On top of these, FineReport’s data visualization package offers a wide variety of visualization options such as 3D charts, maps, GIS relationships, dashboards. Users can find various report and dashboard templates that allow direct application.

Dashboard Sample
Dashboard Sample (Source: FineReport)

Key Features: Easy-to-use, Data entry, Data integration, Report design, Rich APIs, Mobile display, Command center, Decision-making portal, Permission control, Professional report maker

Price: Free for personal use; Quote-based Plan for enterprise use

Free Download

2 Tableau

Tableau is one of the most well-known BI tools with powerful data visualization capabilities, with hundreds of visualization customization options and interaction techniques at users’ disposal. It applies an intuitive design interface and helps users make fantastic presentations efficiently. It also supports data connectivity to almost all the available data sources.

What’s more, Tableau has a thriving community and forum where you can find numerous videos, guides, and tips. Tableau has a broad user base, and there are many expert users who will disclose their work and production experience.

Tableau offers different choices for users with multiple needs. Tableau Public is a free version with the most basic functions but does not allow you to save workbooks locally. Therefore, it is specially prepared for learners or anyone who is interested in data visualization and has no privacy issues. The Tableau Desktop is a professional data visualization software that can transform, process and store vast volumes of data. The only downside is that the cost may beyond the budget for some companies with a shallow pocket.

Reports made by Tableau
Source: Tableau

Key Features:  Easy-to-use, Extensive visualization effects, Unrivaled community, Professional report maker

Price: For individuals, $70 USD/user/month, for business, the price depends on the deployment option and the needs of organizations.

3 Sisense

Sisense is a leading agile business analytics platform. It leverages extensive APIs to create a code-free and customized user experience. Sisense has embedded intelligent AI technology so that users can ask any questions and get answers in a quick-responsive manner. The software truly realizes a web-based dashboard, allowing users to collaborate and improve communication efficiency quickly.

Whether the data is in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of the two, Sisense can provide the assistance needed to successfully deliver the analysis. You can install Sisense in a private cloud, on-premises, or choose a hybrid deployment using Windows or Linux. The deployment process is fast and straightforward. Also, the vendor provides a flexible pricing plan which can satisfy both large and small companies. The ease of use of the product and the friendliness of non-technical personnel can save you workforce and recruitment costs.

Report Maker Software

Key Features: Data mashup, Reporting and analytics, Hybrid-cloud platform, Easy deployment

Price: Quote-based

4 Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics (formerly, Zoho Reports) is a SaaS report maker software with one of the most potent reporting modules. It’s effortless to generate reports from any data on its intuitive interface. Zoho is best for the non-tech savvy to easily create and share powerful reports within minutes without any IT help.

Although almost all BI vendors have only on-promise solutions, Zoho Reports provides three deployments: cloud, on-promise and embedded BI. It can also be deployed on cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Zoho supports flexible and diverse import and export formats. Data can be uploaded from spreadsheets and flat files (such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, text files, etc.) or from online storage services (such as Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive). You can even extract data from Web URL feeds. It allows exporting or printing reports for offline access or sending reports to recipients via email automatically.

Surprisingly, using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, Zoho developed the analysis assistant Zia to help users in a timely manner. Users can enter questions and view Zia’s answers and guidance.

Source: Zoho

Key Features: Self-service analytics, Report query, Easy-to-use, Data Import/Export, Visual Analysis, Online report maker

Price: Zoho offers free trials for both online and internal deployments. Online: US$24 (2 users) to US$455 (50 users) per month. Each additional user will increase by USD 8/month.

5 Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a marketing-oriented reporting platform and provides all-in-one solutions for agencies in the digital marketing and E-commerce areas. It emphasizes helping digital marketing agencies build automated reports for clients.

Because Agency Analytics offers more than 50 marketing platforms integration, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube and so on, you can put multiple campaigns from various channels in the same place to get the whole picture. Besides, Agency Analytics prepares a cohesive methodology to track SEO performance like rank monitoring, site audits, and backlinks to develop SEO reports.

Last but not least, the most stunning feature of the platform is that the agent can fully customize the dashboard or report with their own logo, domain, and design style. Agents can take full advantage of Agency Analytics to make fascinated reports for clients.

Marketing Report Maker
Source: Agency Analytics

Key features: Auto reportingDigital marketing reports, SEO tracking, Agency management

Price: $49-$399/month

Find Your Report Maker

Is this Report maker tools list helpful to you? The reporting tools in the list have been tested by the market to be reliable. But if you ask me which software is the best? I think it is difficult for me to answer because the best tool depends on whether it can perfectly meet your needs.

Want to know whether FineReport can help you improve your data competitiveness? Give it a try.

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